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Deviation Actions

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this was a good learning experience for me. i actually learned of a
lot of things i'd overlooked before when it comes to designing a
visual style. and i stumbled upon an ability to make icons. the colors
are a personal preference and from the beginning i wanted something with
multiple light and dark styles so thats what i made. the toolbar is a huge
departure from my usual style and a glimpse at where i'm going with the
next which is going to be a ways off. the light switch on the shutoff
skin feels pretty real when you mouse over it. i thought about the effect nookian added in the latest shutoff and i flipped it.

the icon pack does in fact include the only two psd's i used while creating the icons and are a great learning tool/resource for mods. i don't usually save psd's but when i saw how big it had become in only a few short hours i
decided i'd hold on to it. icons will become a regular part of my suites
tho i prolly won't make so many in the future =)
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the gaol really is great suite!
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thanks for bumping my page
hopefully i'll get up to 10g's soon too =D