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tangofukation? xD

i like, totally never do these previews, well, this time i said fuk it. COMING SOON! =) currently unnamed. (i know its kinda candy cartoonish. thats what i'm going for)
tb = search tango and you'll find it. i forgot the name.
inspired by but not built upon = WinGnomeXP [link]
all done in photoshop cs2 (lite edition ;) and style builder

the desktop toolbars are all XP.
the vwm in the bottom right is a windows XP "power toy"
that is destined to be hacked and skinned ;) and can be found among other sweet toys on this page [link]
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Crazy stuff. I like your Firefox css setup :)
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thanks! a more efficient and aesthetically pleasing sidebar just occurred to me outa nowhere. its mostly derived from many other setups compiled into one simplified style and using the excellent classic winstripe firefox theme so that regardless of the vs im using firefox blends right in with no extra work.
i like most things in my life to be equally simplistic =)
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This looks great, very original and clean.
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loks nice! nice color and effect in bars :D

(i think, the close, min and max. buttons not combined with that color, maybe a blue more soft hehe)
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yeah, i don't like em either =\
just a place holder really =)
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The squared buttons can have some glyphs inside. Excellent style. good work. :D
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thanks =)
i might just make two versions. one crammed packed with everything and one minimalistic =D
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