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mne by me
updated : 04.08.09 v.2
-fixed litestep tray to scroll on mouse wheel
-added CAD!
updated : 04.08.09 v2.1
-litestep tray limited to 8 icons
updated : 04.09.09 v.3
-changed start button (ls and vs)
-full black addition
-black toolbar + toolbar update (added option button)
file includes:
-visual style
-cd art display
-2 jpeg's
-and a txt doc
all in one RAR for convenience
included are a few psd's to play with.
open source. modifications are encouraged =)

thanks and enjoy =D

wallpaper featured by [link]
icons are...
AMANA [link]
Sienne [link]
Tango Patcher [link]
© 2009 - 2021 somnign
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thanks and a very happy new year mate.
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How can i make my toolbar look like the one you have in the top of the screen?! Is that a program?!
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wish it was for vista ...
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Hello somnign, I just downloaded yesterday your suite, applied VS and liked it so much! It's amazing!

So today I tried to use the LS shell, downloaded LS application and tried to apply your theme.. But I was unable to install it :(

How can I make your suite working? Have I to edit some configuration files?

Tnx, somnign, for your suite, I'm really impressed!


(I'm from Italy, sorry for my bad english!)
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it may be an xpaintclass issue.
you must have xpaintclass to use my litestep themes.
if you've installed ls and the default theme is running then you're doing ok. go here [link] and read about xpaintclass. whats important is that you put the xpaintclass in you're ls directory and not the modules directory. this theme is essentially built on only xpaintclass so if you do not have it, it will not work.

if you have litestep and xpaintclass installed properly you should only need to click the lsz file in the litestep folder of the mne download and the theme will install and apply itself. you should not need to edit any code, just get that xpaintclass download. if you still need help don't hesitate to ask =D
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Tnx for the reply, somingn! I'll try to install xpaintclass! It's my first contat with litestep, I'm a little bit disonriented :P

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amazing work man! in tnks to make this as opensource! congrats for this great suite
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=D oh man naturally.
i've been influenced by so many open source designs... it wouldn't feel right not giving back
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I used your work for this [link]
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thanks for showing it off =D
and thanks for letting me know...
as an artist i like nothing more than i like seeing people enjoy my work =)
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please check this [link] again.
someone asked me, if I could share the colorpad skin from the black version.
so I want you to ask if you could give me the permission?
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its all open source bro
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I want to know if you're using Findexer on the corner of that open folder because it looks like it, but you don't seem to have a boarder line on yours and I would like to remove the one on mines too, let me know how you did it, thanks.
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right click on findexer and go to the findexer options. it should be on the first page =)
=set findexer from followed by a drop menu with options set, "none"
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Does it work in vista?
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sorry no.
maybe someone will be kind enough to port it? =)
but don't count on it xD
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Nice Suite man :clap:
Featured on GuiPulp ;)
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hey, thanks for the heads up =)
looks like a cool site
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I'm glad you like it :D
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Great work with this suite! Love the minimalistic style. and its great that you have added a litestep theme, they seem to be rare these days.
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thank you for the comment =)
litestep needs to make a comeback imo
the possibilities are limitless
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