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this is based on an idea i was working on when mne was born.
its mostly inspired by the mne preview itself and by the wtr screenshot by novoo

i'll release the transparent version of mne ls soon
however i do not at this time plan to convert the mne
vs to wb for a transparent version. sorry...
but this one will make up for it when released =)

...ugh, sorry about the poor quality of this jpg i was lazy and snapped it with mspaint
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Yuo said in your desc that you snapped this with paint and its quality is poor, but i think it's very great quality, what software u normally use to capture screenshots to ensure the greatest quality everytime?? Please help a noob...
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this is an excellent concept for a theme. i hope you have success - it's a great idea for a theme !!
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Very nice desk
Dark desks ftw

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very nice!
how do you put the image behind of text in the address bar?
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i'm don't understand the question... oO
if you mean and image in the styler toolbar text area,
as far as i know its not possible... ?
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hhahaha, forget! must be some distortion in the image hehehe!
it seems that you used some kind of "pattern" in the background,
but seeing it easy, even a simple error hasuhasuhasusahusahsa
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You could do a skin for TrueTransparency instead of WB. Much less work.
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i tried it out. pretty cool. i'd heard about it but instantly assumed it was just another window transparency program. does take a chuck of memory tho, and its kinda buggy. "tool windows" and others aren't skinned, sometimes the border is layered incorrectly, but we'll see
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i think i will =D
does it also add support for borders beyond 4 pxls tho?
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A++ for the top bar.
B- for using .jpg instead of .png
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well, in ps my jpgs are top notch, but mspaint is just stupid
thanks for the comment, btw =D
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