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-=-=-=-=-updates to VS-=-=-=-=-
its pretty perfect this time. the last update was
me messing up while moving files. sorry

WindowBlinds: [link]
Styler Toolbar: [link]
Miranda IM: [link]
CD Art Display: [link]
Shutoff: [link]
Dock Backgrounds: [link]
Winamp skin by dubbb: [link]

Wallpaper :The Darkness Wall by =kon: [link]
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Most beautiful and stylish VS ever used back to the time I using XP along with Styler Toolbar and Shut Off Skin of the same serious.......

Is it possible to make a Win10 version? I really miss them and willing to pay for your works or make a donation, 10, 20, 30 bucks, you name it man !!

what do u do with this do u just click it
because the other themes where different from that
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Many Thanks. Nice Skin
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nice theme! but can u share the icons used in the dock?
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Man, I love this.
Is there ANY chance you could make a compact menu, like the rest of your visual styles?? Because I think this is your best!
Any chance that you will make it for Seven?

(I use it on both XP & Vista at the moment, but soon I have to change to Seven. Would be great to be able to continue using this outstanding visual style.)
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your work is exceptional - i hope you continue to create minimal with great detail [animated] - awesome !!
2bad that you need cleartype smoothing for the font :( otherwise i would use this one!
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wait, why would you not use cleartype?
furthermore, please, just change the fonts via advanced options :p
well i'm using it anyway because i like it :D , just made a winamp skin for it [link]
Or is there a way to turn cleartype ON in windows and OFF in firefox?
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The link to the wallpaper seems to be broken.

Do you mind reuploading them?
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i'm sorry but the author seems to have removed it from his gallery... :confused:
i cannot upload his work but, you can request a copy from him i suppose.
his name is kon [link]
dude has a very impressive gallery that deserves mention =D
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Alright thanks for the reply :b
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is this for xp or vista? and I can't seem to use it just by double clicking?

Awesome theme anyway :D
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it is xp. sorry. if i had vista i would totally port it to vista..
if you're unsure just check the category you're browsing in lol
vista visual styles has its own category ;)
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well, but it's
Customization > Skins & Themes > Windows Utilities > Visual Styles
doesn't say what OS it is...
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ABSOLUTELY KILLER! If I made a would be just like this. Its perfect...not 1 glitch or bug here.Nice port...I just got it for WB..but I'm using your VS. Why use WB if I don't have to! Thanks for this..great work! Oh,and FAV!
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well. thanks =D
definitely all credit for the design is amaelis alone.
i just did the work of porting it for everyone.
his themes should be universal (=
i've to say this's a good theme.
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Do you have a link to the dock icons as well as the other icons?
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the icons are from the retrofukation suite.
search retrofukation and you'll find em
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