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i centered the thing for aesthetic appeal.
also added a standby button.
that is all. its late. thanks! =D

Rainlendar: [link]
WindowBlinds: [link]
Styler Toolbar: [link]
Miranda IM: [link]
CD Art Display: [link]
Visual Style: [link]
Dock Backgrounds: [link]

Wallpaper :The Darkness Wall by =kon: [link]
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can you upload that wall for me?
kon deleted it or something
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can you explain, how to install this shutoff? i can't undersand
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what is shutoff and where can i find it?
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read my friend. seriously, seconds comment.
and use the search feature if all else fails.
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great skin for a great app
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thank you. (=
glad ya like it
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btw, somnign, can you add


in the settings section in the ini file? This will auto center the dialog regardless of screen resolution.
This feature comes with the latest version of shutoff (currently v 1.5 [link]).

Also, can you add a standby button ?

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is very awesome! =D
i tried to center it with other methods to no avail..
a standby button will be added.
good information for the suite i'm currently producing (;
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just a note that the latest shutoff also has a hot area margin feature for button images, so the hot hovering area can be smaller than the image. Hope this give more room for creativity.

See an example of such a feature at work in a glowing Lebis shutoff [link]
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i really appreciate the tips as well as the application... a gem. thanks!
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very elegant! :)
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