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UPDATES: I did away with the Rainlendar skin format for ease. simply extract this zip into your Rainlendar skins directory, refresh, and choose the skin from options/skins

thanks to karmat111 for testing (=

this is my first ever attempt at a rainlendar skin.
so it may have bugs, and i may not fix them.

please check out the rest of this suite

WindowBlinds: [link]
Styler Toolbar: [link]
Miranda IM: [link]
CD Art Display: [link]
Shutoff: [link]
Dock Backgrounds: [link]

Wallpaper :The Darkness Wall by =kon: [link]
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Best i've found
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featured here [link] - sweet - thx for sharing
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pls give new link for wallpaper....thanks!
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I have the latest version of rainlender, I've tried changing the name of the file, etc. but it still doesn't work. Appreciate your help.
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I've tried all the above suggestions and can't get it to work. I'm using your wblind, and I love it! How is it possible to get this rainy to work?????
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i'm not sure, but it may not work unless you have the latest version of rainlendar.
please let me know if it is still not working for you and i will resolve the issue promptly
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after you install the skin you need to "refresh" rainlendar.
um, also, if you extract it be sure you have one folder. only one. inside it must be skin.xml, and the folders, images, scripts, xml.
if skin.xml is not in the base folder it will not work.
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I tried your suggestions above to make this skin work with no luck, I am using V2.4(b64).
I would love to use this skin if possible.
If you fix this or have a solution to this problem please let me know.
Otherwise it does looks great in your preview.
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I like the skin very well. :)

I get him but unfortunately not to run.
Rainlendar have the latest version.

you have an idea why not?
Love this skin thanks !

I have all the other skins but I can't get this to work in any version of rainlendar.

Hopefully I'll figure it out .... nice skin :D
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folder called Ivi , sorry
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if all else fails try these..
1: rename the file with a .zip extension then extract the contents to a folder called i've in your rainlendar skins folder.

2: just extract it with winrar and put the folder in your skins directory.

the r2skin format is just a zip file renamed to make installation easier.
this was made for and using the latest rainlendar2
Thanks for the help ... very nice of you.

Changing the extension then extracting to a folder called Ivi in rainlendar's skin folder did the trick so thanks again for a great matching skin .... cheers :D
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Great, thanks for share!
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