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GAIA 08' Litestep

i really hope i'm not outa line with this submission.
i've used multiple pieces from the vast suite that is GAIA.

theme includes
widgets: amp and clock
shutdown dialog with screen fading. thats right.
two selected fonts from the GAIA suite.
simplistic vwm controls.
+ toggle able menu fade and taskbar position.
all of this is controlled from the shift+left click menu
or just click the start button

i have no testers so please.. try it on and let me know something. help me make this a great theme.

BTW, its my birthday! (= this is my gift to you
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How does this work? this is WinXP rite? how do i install these themes?
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this is a litestep theme.
you'll need to install and familiarize yourself with litestep mate ;)
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somehow, I can't install it on litestep 3.0.2
do yo know the problem, sir ?
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hmmmm, i don't sorry...
i don't use that version.
check you have xPaintClass installed right?
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is it possible for me to get my system icons [such as my battery life, volume control] things like that showing. For some reason it just wont show up.
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i'm not sure what you mean exactly
but if you hover the mouse above the clock area the system tray will show
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yeah thats what i wanted. XD
i noticed how to do it after I commented. Thank you :)
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looks pretty! must test ;D
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thats really odd.. i'm glad you got it working tho (=
arrow in clock is just for looks lol
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Hi! Happy birthday!
Your theme looks great, but I got a bug. I've changed taskbar position to top and only start button appears and it's like this right now. I've tried changing its position few times and only start button appears (winamp and clock applets don't show up earthier).
What does this arrow in clock applet? And you could make some tooltips in shutdown menu, cuz it's hard to say which button is for which operation. Cheers!
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Sorry, it's working. I had to click in place where taskbar should be and everything appeared ;]. Cheers
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it looks great thx!
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