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June 16, 2021
Conductor of Life and Death by MostlyHorseManips
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Suggested by Mocarro
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Conductor of Life and Death


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Art trade with Blubirdz featuring Elidhu, an earth goddess. Here she is maneuvering a set of runestones. I imagine they are to commemorate the death of a doe.

My focus here was on lighting and readability, as I've noticed many of my previous pieces are quite muddy and difficult to distinguish as thumbnails. I also picked out some specific flora & fauna: spruce, scots pine, tansy, wood sorrel, hare & rabbit, Eurasian magpie.

I've hidden the rune shapes in the composition of the piece :D Like the big teardrop shape!

Step-by-step process:

Thumbnails & color studies:…

Time: 32.5 hours (hopefully I'll get faster)
Software: Corel Painter 2020, Krita

Stock from

Overpainting by me
Elidhu belongs to Blubirdz


Deer -…
Fawn -…
Fawn -…
Antlers -…
Rabbit -…

Grass, leaves, rocks - #31, #32, and #43 from Löwenburg Castle pack at
Tree trunk -…
Trees -…
Trees -…
Forest -…
Water -…
Rocks & moss -…
Sky -…
Clouds -…
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What do the 3 symbols mean?

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Not 100% certain but according to the character's owner, the symbols have multiple meanings related to the passage of time, elements, trees, and death.

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Wow! Fabulous work!!! :clap: Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
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Thank you for the compliment, and the congratulations!

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Stupendous work 😊

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Thrust into the midst of runic tablets a horse in the midst of color emerges. Had it seen what I saw when I first saw it’s name, I would’ve been ashamed to have not thought its parent could be a fully imaginative horse in flesh and bone like a unicorn. I would not have seen yet that was what I saw in an imagined form. It was a horse that could read and see the signs. A horse that crept in at an angle and could climb ladders. A horse that flew with wings Pegasus could not have borrowed. A notion of bliss that reminds me of no concept being bounded by imagination is unborn to men and women who seek the beauty of the profound.
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That's a very interesting way to look at it!

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Congrats on the DD <3 This is absolute masterpiece... I am drooling all over that progress gif!

I admire your devotion to art so much! The time, the detail, the incredible attention to detail! You are a true inspiration!

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Thank you for such a wonderful comment <3 I can never help myself from going into the little details! I really want my art to feel more believable.

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Nice strokes! Well painted! :nod: :)

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Thanks! Always a good challenge to balance painted strokes with photos!

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Another breath taking artwork, srsly there are no words to describe this beauty!

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Absolutely amazing, I have no other words as this is just so good.

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Okay oh my god… this is absolutely gorgeous. The angle, the action, how vivid it is… absolutely perfect. The perspective is really mind-blowing here, it is officially my fav work from you from now on :D
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Thank you!!! This was a huge undertaking in trying to really illustrate my vision. The perspective was certainly a bit challenging to get across. It was chosen that way to help convey the divinity of the character with a looming silhouette! (and again, thank you so much for suggesting the DD!!)

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The scenery looks quite fantastic in this! 8D

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Thank you :D So much time was spent in crafting the environment!

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