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Sunshine Eyes - Chapter Twelve
It was dark. The sun had set and stars lit the sky. The soothing chirp of the crickets had lulled him into sleep hours earlier, but he now lay awake, staring at the wall, as his mind would not let him rest any longer. After staring at the wall long enough to recognize the type of wood, Obito turned to face Rei’s sleeping form. She lay closer to him tonight; close enough that he could reach out an arm to touch her. Unconsciously, she rolled to face him, inadvertently closing the space between them, her hands on his chest forming a barrier between them. In his tired state, this didn’t surprise him. He ran a hand through the dark half of her hair gently, brushing the dark locks out of her face. She looked calm, her breathing even, her eyes closed. Well, her eye. The other was his own. He was still trying to grasp that fact.
Her right eye, black and analyzing, was exactly like that of an Uchiha.
If only Obito had known how right he was at the time. He recalled what
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Sunshine Eyes - Chapter Eleven
Scroll One; The Uzumaki Origins
The Uzumaki clan was originally two seperate clans. One of the original clans had the same name as it does today, while the other clan was once called the Namikaze clan. The Uzumaki clan was known far and wide for their kekkei genkai, the Terigan. The Namikaze clan was known for the healing and body restoration jutsus that were far beyond those that the common ninja knew. It was by a twist of fate that the two leaders of these clans would fight together during the war of their time. While there is no record of exactly how it happened, these two used both their jutsus on one of their fallen comrades. Neither had been sure if the ninja had been dead or not. The combination of their efforts returned his soul and forced his body to function again; miraculously bringing him back to life. Once the battle was done and the war was over, the two leaders experimented with this new found information, each time getting the exact same result. It was obvious to
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Sunshine Eyes -- Chapter Ten
Obito dragged two chairs a one corner of the room, which he had noticed in his hours of waiting, and placed them at opposite sides of a small table. The table was positioned underneath several of the many windows that took up much of the wall space of the large room. He seated himself in one chair and motioned to the other.
"Seat?" He turned the word into a question. Rei shook her head.
"No, Tobi-kun. I think I'd rather stand." Rei only gave Obito a glance over her shoulder as she strolled gracefully to a window near him. The afternoon sun radiated off of her face as she opened it. The small triangle shapes of her left eye whirred around the white pupil, moving much faster than they usually did. She turned around to finally face Obito, and used the windowsill to lean on. Obito could tell that Rei knew that this wasn't going to be a conversation. He waited patiently as her eyes focused on him.
"Okay, I believe I'm ready now, Tobi-kun. What do you want to know?" Rei's voice sounded cheer
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Sunshine Eyes -- Chapter Nine
Obito lay on a large mat, staring at the wall, as the early morning sunshine warmed his skin. He glanced over his shoulder at Rei, who slept on the other edge of the mat at a respectful distance.
Yesterday, Rei explained to him that his soul had started to detach from his body due to an abnormality in his bodily functions. Of course, she had to rephrase it in simpler terms, since he wasn't up for thinking too much at the time, but he had gotten the point. He could also remember the other half of her explanation, which embarrassed him greatly.
'The usual slight elevation in heart rate that can occur when a person sees, hears, or comes in contact with another person that they find very attractive, like when Rin embraced you, was the aforementioned abnormality.' Rei sounded as if she were reciting something she had memorized from a scroll. "Therefore, you are not allowed to see Rin for the next few days, as to prevent any more difficulties. Furthermore, I was going to let you sleep in
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Sunshine Eyes -- Chapter Eight
Obito gasped. The room was spinning. He fell backwards onto Rin, lucky for him that she caught him, and he could here her call his name as a buzzing began inside his head. Rin laid Obito down gently as Rei quickly came over to see what was wrong. She leaned over him as he closed his eyes, the annoying sounds in his head starting to become a dull throb.
Her fingertips brushed lightly against his wrist as she felt for his pulse. His heart was trying hard to pump the blood it needed to, hard enough that Obito could feel his own erratic heart beat. Rei's hands moved to his chest and he could feel warmth invade him, as a glowing yellow light edged the darkness in his mind. Slowly, he fell into unconsciousness.
Obito awoke in a soft bed, not on a mat, and opened his eyes wearily. A young pale face stared at him curiously, black eyes shrouded slightly by raven-colored hair. Obito groaned as he pulled himself into a sitting position, his back
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Sunshine Eyes -- Chapter Seven
Obito gave him a puzzled look, but the Hokage only smiled innocently.
“I hope that didn’t worry you.” The Hokage chuckled lightly before he moved to his seat, his attention returned to the papers that he had been working on before the interruptions. Obito scurried out the door, nearly crashing into Rei in the process. Luckily, the kunoichi’s quick reflexes allowed her to sidestep the scrambling Obito. He landed with an ‘oomph’ on the floor, soliciting a giggle from his companion. She extended her hand to him as he rolled onto his back, and he took it. After she pulled him to his feet, he stared at her, examining her. Her smile was sincere and her eyes sparkled.
She could ‘break me’? The Hokage must have been messing with me.
Yet, as Rei and Obito headed for where they had entered the building, he could only wonder.
It was a quick walk to the dojo, which looked pretty ordinary. It was larger than most dojos Obito had seen. The ground
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Someone who i used to be friends with years ago blocked me on dA. >x<  We didn't stop talking on bad terms, just kind of faded out.  >x<  And I was just about to favorite a picture of her engagement ring. 3;

Has this happened to anyone else?  Like, unjustly[to you] being blocked?
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