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July 30, 2008
iPhone theme: Blueprint by ~sometoast So fyton5 messages me and says "this skin just looks so good all together. The icons are still really good and visible and the dock fits so good with the background. All the little details visible and the textures make this deviation to one of the best skins i've ever seen." and I agree with him ;-)
Featured by mrrste
Suggested by fyton5
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iPhone theme: Blueprint

iPhone/iPod Touch theme for use with SummerBoard.

Includes icons for:

ApolloIM   Calculator
Calendar   Camera
Chat   Clock
Contacts   Customize
Finder   FiveDice
iBlackjack   iFlix
iLauncher   iLevel
iLight   Installer
iPhysics   iPod
iRadio   iShare
iSolitaire   iTunes
Labyrinth   Launcher
Lights Off   Mail
Maps   Mines
MobileToDoList   MusicQuiz
NES   Notes
Phone   Photos
Safari   ScreenShot
Services   Settings
Sketches   SMBPrefs
Stocks   Stumbler
SysInfo   Terminal
Tetromino   Text
TicTacToe   TTR
VNotes   Weather
weDict   YouTube
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Wow, I didn't know there was such a feature on the iPhone. Is it possible to change the icons on the iPhone.. Personally, it didn't work for me, just like the screenshot function didn't work, although it's strange. I bought an expensive phone, and this function did not work for me. I prefer convenience, and this particular phone suited me in every way, but I still couldn't figure out how to take a screenshot. I was searching the internet and came across an article detailing how to take a screenshot. I was able to do this operation, and thanks to this article and learning one of the ways to take a screenshot, I was able to work normally. My friend had the same situation, and I advised him how to get out of it, and the service helped him.

Cool icons, but whether they can be changed on the iPhone is very interesting.. and I didn't know about it before, and I couldn't even take screenshots properly when I still had an iPhone 6, and for me it was important.

masstransitkrow's avatar
So...this is what Tim Cook wagged his finger at us for.
skskolan's avatar
The concept of the theme is really good..Thank you very much for sharing this.
Tks very much for your post.

You also find all Wallpaper iphone at link at the end of this post.

Source: Free Wallpaper iphone

Best rgs
digitalminded's avatar
Thx a lot, very nice theme !
snivellus747's avatar
Just downloaded this!! This is such a cool concept!!
superv20's avatar
Weather 73 degrees LOL!
PS:Like it!
digitalminded's avatar
Please !!! It's in Fahrenheit degrees, not Celsius !!!
superv20's avatar
Shut up i know what i'm saying i was only adding a lil' bit of fun
beoandlun's avatar
Please! This icons pack... so cute... :P
MidoSpace's avatar
Thank you a lot
this theme is awesome!
objust's avatar
I Like this.
iGaret's avatar
Hello, could you please post your theme over at [link] in the "Themes" category? Thanks a ton!
zad0xsis's avatar
This theme is sock! But would you mind doing an updated version, or giving the PSDs so we can update it? Thanks :)
dehydromon's avatar
I like the design, it look very professional. But, when I installed it, my iPod wouldn't play any music.
Liehben's avatar
Simply wonderful! One of my favorite iphone themes yet.
Well done!
freddieje's avatar
MrKandi's avatar
Very nice piece =)
FreedomWriter14's avatar
Omg i have this as my theme right now :D
I like it (:
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