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You're SPECIAL - Pyrelight Vs Boo/Discord

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JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! But yes, here we are, yet again, for the third time, with the "odd one outs", otherwise known as the pets for the protagonist's entourage, Pyrelight, A Radioactive Phoenix, and Boo, a Blank from Hippocratic Research. Some things needed to be changed with this particular one, as because these two do not display any inherent skills canon to pony kind, the TAGS have been removed for this particular 'episode'. I was originally going to also reduce the overall points of attributes from 40 to 35, but since a lot of people use these for reference for their FALLOUT games, and I couldn't get a fleshed out statistic with 35 points. So here we go with even more descriptions, but before we do, the credits! The boo vector came from yet again from Vector-Brony ,  but the pyrelight vector actually DID NOT COME FROM Brisineo! Praise! the Pyrelight vector came from sirhcx . I was hoping to get the more Discord-y version of Boo from the original vector, but with him being in the background unfortunately made me have to make the blank normally. Anyway, lets pit these two together!

STRENGTH: (Pyrelight) Not able to carry any items, not able to act aggressively apart from fire and radiation, and being essentially a bird makes Pyrelight an absolutely vulnerable creature. (Boo/Discord) Boo/Discord only fares slightly much better than Pyrelight, being a blank flank with no real functioning brain and can only carry any kind of outfit and some fancy buck cakes as a means of a 'pack mule'. When it comes to overall combat, Boo or Discord avoid it completely.

PERCEPTION: (Pyrelight) As being a bird of nature gives Pyrelight some known foresight and observation around her known environment, often sensing danger with her eyes. (Boo/Discord) Being completely deft and having only a narrow of foresight when it comes to danger, only being implicated by the soul of Discord, Boo does not have any kind of introspect or foresight.

ENDURANCE: (Pyrelight) Being a Radioactive phoenix makes Pyrelight almost eternal in nature, being constantly rebirthed and gaining power when near radiation just like Lacunae, Pyrelight is extremely durable and could fight Rampage for ages. (Boo/Discord) Again, Boo does not like to be prone to any kind of damage, often avoiding it because she and Discord both know they are extremely vulnerable.

CHARISMA: (Pyrelight) While Pyrelight is usually friendly to Velvet and her friends, Pyrelight cannot speak, thus is usually unable to chastise or intimidate any one else who is less friendly. (Boo/Discord) Even though Boo is silent and can only woo others with her absolute diabeetus, her Discord side is very deceptive and thus can chastise and intimidate certain enemies and friends greatly.

INTELLIGENCE: (Pyrelight) While Pyrelight does not have much to say about knowledge or technology, again being a Bird of nature gives Pyrelight some additional insight into her overall actions, informing Velvet and friends subtlely of any incoming danger. (Boo/Discord) Again, having no brain makes Boo a unwarranted side kick to Blackjack, and even with Discord having control of her other half doesn't give Boo exactly the necessary 'smarts' to analyze certain or all situations.

AGILITY: (Pyrelight) While Pyrelight can fly and usually avert a lot of incoming fire, she isn't necessarily sneaky and is often a big target considering being a radioactive phoenix. (Boo/Discord) Having the personality of discord inside of Boo gives Boo/Discord the ultimate ability to hide, sneak and trick any enemy who could possibly find Boo. The only downside is that Discord cannot channel is full power that many years ago.

LUCK: (Pyrelight) Even having eternal life doesn't exactly give pyrelight the high life. Her radioactive presence can accidentally, indiscriminately kill her friends and anyone else around her, so finding companionship is quite of a dire strait. (Boo/Discord) Being immune to enervation, having absolute love and care at the hands of Blackjack and friends and having an embodiment of chaos gives Boo a quite a bit of privileges without having to face too many difficulties or having to give back.

And that's it! That is all the You're Specials i had planned as of submitting this! I hope these will crave your insatiable desire for FOE shit.

EDIT: With my eye for OCD, I have finally fixed the whole 'out of center' aspect of most of my You're Special's texts, with a format that shall now be consistent with future projects, as well as edited onto older projects, like this.
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A small part of me feels this is unfair, since when Discord is in control of Boo, it's well... Discord. Massively drained of power, but still the God of Chaos. But then the larger part of my brain remembers this is a story and your perspective on things, and to respectively stop caring so much about fairness. I have to say, though, it is funny and cute you feel Boo is Blackjack's 'pet'. Then again, Blackjack is vulnerable to absolute diabeetus.
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Somethingguy912Professional Writer
considering how Boo is a blank flank and just follows blackjack because she was the first one friendly to her, than I'd say yes, Boo indeed is a pet.
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I think Boo should had like 9 PER
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Somethingguy912Professional Writer
Again, trying to zero sum the fact that while Discord is very observant, Boo is a blank and is extremely daft.
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boo should have had 10 luck
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Somethingguy912Professional Writer
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