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I shall never be free,
as long as I can't go where I want to be.

the stripes of my skin,
curse me with the past sins.

so long now and I'm vilified still,
we've come a long way from ponyville.

i do not know my place here,
while I am still loathed and feared.

the little one does not own me,
inherently I believe I still am not free.

the pegasus chides me well,
one of the rarest things that are just swell.

the unicorn does not discriminate,
even if it all costs us our fate.

the steel is a reminder of the past,
maybe we could get over our differences at last.

my daughter shall not know me,
I am not responsible for who she wants to be.

the slaves destroy me with a stern hand,
I pay my respects until they learn to understand.

there is a still a light for me in the cistern,
once I avenge my fate with the mark of Stern.

there shall always be a chance for good,
as long as there is peace in the neighborhood.

know me by the inside and not what your eyes deceive,
isn't it immature to revel in the essence of make-believe?

even in the subtle creation of my rhymes,
you'll know how to like me in due time.

we've gone a long way from disrespect,
so much longer to think that's all we'd expect.

I'm sorry to hurt you all,
but the past was not my fault at all.

as long as you get to know me,
show me,
hold me,
I shall know the meaning to be free,
free from the tyranny,
the insecurities,
the idea of being the enemy,
for all clear eyes to see,
there's more to the stripes
that truly makes me.
© 2013 - 2021 Somethingguy912
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SentinelWolf5's avatar
Ok. This is my favorite of all your poems. This is just perfect! =]

Gosh darnit now I want to read the book again but I lent it to my friend!! But I guess I could still read it on fimfic.

Once again, well done =]
Somethingguy912's avatar
Funnily enough, I feel this was one of my weaker poems. It's just a whole spheel of rhymes because I was trying to pretend to be Zecora. But I'm glad that you liked it in your own way.