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The Morning Glory (Cover)



This is the reason why. As a means to challenge myself, I wanted to make the cover for the Morning Glory ENTIRELY by scratch, by drawing it! And as you can already tell, I don't draw and don't draw well. Oh well, I wanted to try to one up each of my previous covers from before until the Blackjack cover will shit all over them hardcore. Anyway, to explain some aspects of the drawing, the top part around the corona is SUPPOSED to be the core from what I got out of the story, with the main 6 (Blackjack , P-21, Scotch Tape, Rampage, Lacunae, Morning Glory) below. I also wanted to try a sort of perspective shot with some buildings and a bit of a conflict in between, as well as the 'brood' forces at the below part of the drawing just above my likeness, drawn in of course. I also slightly modified this picture, what with some vibrance changes and a bit of cropping to cut away from the hole punches on the side of the drawing. As you've already established, this doesn't have any persons content used (for once), so no need to add sources or point out what kind of font I used (the somethingguy font, maybe?) Also one more note: I actually had to make the cover BEFORE I wrote the poem, so I had to work in the 'it is the end of your story' somewhere around it, also with how it took quite a while to make this. Anyway, good tidings!
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