The Jetstream

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Through the seams
of the jetstream
we gleam the scenes

of Equestria below
thundering bombs bellow
radiation ticks glow

I want to be with my Stonewing
a gun to my side and him, my everything
but it seems that I can't see through the jetstream
he doesn't see me the way I see-

Through brown streams
rolls the gray jetstream
lacking it's buttery cream

The Wasteland at it's tow
mysteries unsolved and unknown
and he let me go...

I want to be with my Rainbow Dash
a flank to my back and rainbow in a flash
but it seems that I didn't see the feelings in Jetstream
I just couldn't see what she could see in me-

Through the deadly beams
screams your Jetstream
sleeping your eternal dream

Zebras banging at the gates
I was just too late
If only you were my mate

I want to forget about Stonewing
no death no love, none of his everything
but when I dream all I see his him with my screams
I just can't see that I want to be-

Forgetting dreams
about her, Jetstream
it hurts me to bring

Her duty so agape
her friends at stake
I didn't try, too late

I want to be with my Jetstream
her heart and worries is all I see
but it seems her heart is not for me
I just wish she could see what I could see-

Though it seems
that you love Jetsream
she must be strong and lean

Through Battle she roars
hardened zebras she abhors
she'll payback for their score

I want to be with my Vanity
all the rounds of sex and Humility
but It seems that he's not the same to me
I just wish he could be like Stonewing-

My Heart screams
for beloved Jetstream
but she's lost in that dream

Her love for him downpours
that one person she's looking for
She can't have anymore

I want to be with my Vanity
all kind and with his Sanity
But it seems his feelings aren't for me
I just wish he throw me that same Fling-

And through the seams
comes rolling the jetstreams
the love triangle starts to show

And though it seems
that it was caused by Jetstream
you couldn't sympathize even if you know

And Through our dreams
we hope to see through the jetstream
We never know when to let it go

And Though our dreams
are always on about Jetstream
they don't want to be alone

Staring out the jetstream
don't you feel so alone?

Staring out at Jetstream
don't you feel at home?

Staring out the jetstream
better if you died alone

Staring out at Jetstream
better if she died at home.

That single scream,
is all it seems,
we can see.
The poem about the Pre-War Pony, Jestream, and the Four-Way Love "Square" between Vanity, Jetstream, Stonewing and Rainbow Dash, in that order. Although yes, Vanity had been in love with Rarity, his original love was of Jetstream at another unfortunate time. Maybe the love was more precious? I'm not sure ,but the point I'm making is that the jetstream is also meant to convey the fogginess of ignorance and fantasy when someone romanticizes about another.
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Evilgidgit's avatar
Poor Jetstream. Her love for Stonewing carried her through the war, and in the end, it was her undoing.
Somethingguy912's avatar
as well as Stonewing's love for Rainbow Dash, as was Vanity's Love for Jetstream.