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Heh kiler,
I want to thnk yu,
fur teken mee hom,
tu a spcechal plashe,
sumwher so wun- wunder-

(forgive me and my horrible grammar)

Heh kiler,
yu maed it tis farr,
sory fur teh pane,
ihe kant kuntrole mieselph,
i am so vile- vhiol-

(for fuck's sake, it's not a hard word to spell)

Heh kiler,
ahm ther naw,
shweet cellesta ahm ther,
so, hapeh, i ahm,
in teh grand eternal...

(for a marauder, you spell bad,
but it's not like it was your fault,
all opportunities at stake and
you didn't want her to be hurt,
and even now, I feel only a little regret,
like I could ever tap that rainbow mane,
so, fucking selfish, but it's too late,
I'm already there, in that grand eternal,
pissing in Sanguine's name,
but dammit, it was my fault, all along,
so many sorry's I cast out in the night sky,
wishing for something more,
something better,
we should had been better.)

So, Killer,
Don't feel bad,
there wasn't, any other way,
either you or me,
and I would rather prefer-

(phlutershi culd had pulde teh plugg....)

But, Killer,
your actions could not,
been forwarded 2 centuries,
believe me when I say,
there was just, no other-

(wee culd ove kilde eche uthhr....)

Wait, Killer,
I was in stasis,
how could I kill myself,
when I was asleep?
You did what was needed...

(too shenturees two long,
eye shill heer hur screems
apter soo longg, scellistiah damm it oll,
wy kant yu let mee diy in peese?
phuke yor exx- expeer- shudies,
ahd phuke yu two... phuker...
lett mee diy in tat grashe yu
pownees wissh in dat grand eeturnale
du wat kneeeds tu bee dun...
ile pheel hapyre dan beeng dis,
mawns- monsostr- thinge,
beecum sumthng bettr,
i wshe i wus bettr,
i wshe i wus stnewnge again...)

we still are,
The first Fallout:Equestria-Related poem about a pre-war character. I was going to plan to do "The Jetstream" first, but that Letter by Gorgon in "Competition" made me feel emotionally compelled to write this. I hope it at least captivates Gorgon's poor spelling.
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Well the way it's written I can almost hear the character
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indeed, but I probably put too much emphasis on spelling errors, because Somber's version wasn't even nearly as bad as mine.
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well, i liked it.  IF you can make one person happy than you've done something right
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If I can't make myself happy about it, then it doesn't matter, it seems.
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not everything you make is gonna be perfect.  i'm a writer and i have scrapped several chapters and had to start over many times.  sometimes when i cant get the chapters to turn out well so i try to form the idea into something else.  
Point is sometimes you aren't satisfied with your work so try to edit the small details and see if it works out
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I should already know this, so why am I beating myself in the head for it?
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