Steel Hooves

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you were crackling the earth beneath you,
to blame the world for all of your troubles,

you shot anything that came toward you,
to justify the anger inside the guise of your emotions,

you keep to yourself and not a word to you,
to escape the frustration of past intentions.

you picture memories for all to see,
to hint a way towards your problems.

why do I care about you, then?

you betrayed the values of your own kind,
because of the predicaments you can't seem to rid of,

you contradicted the values of the contract,
because technology is far superior to virtues,

you blame the future for your past,
to improve the technology and betray your kind,

you're in the past because of the future,
to disprove technology and embrace the kind.

so why do I care about you, then?
why is it you still matter?
why is it my curiosity to fix you?
why is it you can still be helped?

what a silly little predicament,
we got ourselves here,
it's like you got your head knocked off,
or maybe, you did,
you are not a man because you cannot
look me in the eyes,
even if it kills you.

what luck don't you have,
to hide in your shell,
with only glimpses of emotion,
only we can see,
don't say you had intentions to,
because you can lie,
behind your mask.

if you really wanted to help society,
what did knowing a ministry help you in that prospect?
if you really wanted people to care,
what did hiding memories help you in that sentiment?
if you really wanted me to see,
what did hiding behind your suit tell me about you?
if you really wanted me to understand,
what did knowing nothing about you make me know?

in reality, if was your time. 200 years ago.
fallout equestria was the thing that happened to me.
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Ravenpuff's avatar
Hmmm, good text there. Telling about Steelhooves from the angle we know, from outside of his suit.

Not even in poem form do we truly get in under his skin

Very nice :thumbsup:
Somethingguy912's avatar
i've never heard of it, I'll give it a shot though. But, I might want to do a different poem.
Somethingguy912's avatar
since I'm uploading something different, you might want to get a look at it first before considering. here you go [link]
Somethingguy912's avatar
cool. but I have a problem, I don't quite have the application needed to submit it via file format. I was just hoping I could just copy/paste it from the link.
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