Scotch Tape

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Why don't you tell me
how you and P-21
had sex last night
lost 46 times to him at tic-tac toe

or how about when
we went to the tunnel and I
became traumatized
passed out on the way there

and I want to know
if I have any family yet
is P-21 my father?
that blue pony is weird

pull the tape
from my eyes
tell me the truth
I want to realize
stop feeding me
the lies

why can't you tell me
what happened at stable 99
I had to kill everypony
they all lived happily ever after

or when you decided
you had to erase my memories
I did what was best for you
I made you forget

and I need to know
who will be there for me
P-21 isn't ready to be a father
he is somewhat miserable

pull the poison cloud
from my eyes
I need my father
by my side
what emotions you have
you can't hide

why didn't you leave me
like the rest of them?
I thought you weren't infected
you are P-21's daughter
You were my way out
you are one adorable little pony

or why did you think
they were gonna rape me?
I needed my butt rumped
I need you to relay my demise
they could take advantage of me
they couldn't do better

and how was it
you've managed this long
not to just kill any of us?
am I somehow better to you?
am I worth the misery and guilt?
do you think you can right your wrongs?
Or how aout you tell me the truth?

pull the memories
from my mind
there's a monster
coming from behind
scaring me shitless
I wasn't worth your kind

you pulled a few bottles
from the barside
got in bed with him
got him in your insides
fucked him good without whim
you want him to love you
tell it to you so many tries

you pulled the plug
on my civilization
without me knowing otherwise
what I had to witness
in my very eyes
was embracing a evil
with her doing better exercise

you must pull
the tape from my eyes
I'm done with this game
it's time for me to realize
the kind of things you are feeding
all of the lies

like why did you and P-21
have sex last night?
have this awkward air between you?

like why did you have to
remove my memories
tell me that I passed out?

like why didn't you tell me
P-21 was my father
that you have this shooty look?

like why did you have to
lie to me
tell me the truth?
interesting concept with the strikethrough text. Have to use that more often!
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TrainDodger's avatar
Ah, this one's pretty good. Very interesting take on Scotch Tape's point of view in all this.
Somethingguy912's avatar
I got to get into character! like I did with so many other characters!
ScootaloosWings's avatar
I rather liked this.  The strikethroughs were a neat style, and it made it almost seem conversational.  It's a really neat piece.
Somethingguy912's avatar
why thank you! I hope to hear more from you about my other FOE-related stuff. My "Littlepip" poem is by far the most popular, but I also have plenty of "PH" related stuff too.
50ShadesofPony's avatar
Absolutely amazing! Great concept once again!
Somethingguy912's avatar
I try with something new to each tale.
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