Sanguine Rose

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Wasn't it fun,
to kill friends and family in your face,
you, willingly, forgave me,
because I had a family of my own,
I laugh in your easily soft hearted face,
you, reluctantly, give me EC-1101,
to put the missing holes in my heart in place,
and they were killed and I was alone,
you, begrudgingly, see me for who I was,
I have nothing to live for in this empty space,
and you went all this way because,
you, dumbly, didn't see my true goals,
leaving your loved ones without a trace,
all fillies and colts and foals,
you, surprisingly, still apologize to me,
and I see your hardened face,
I should of died so long ago,
you, frustratingly, can't let me be,
but I want to die in this place,
where I've caused harm for my own,
you, cannot, tell me otherwise,
you see the loss of life in my face,
you can truly see the error of my ways,
I, with desperation, apologize to you,
find solace from this place,
find peace and happiness all throughout your days,
I, with exasperation, do not condone what I do,
I could of told you from the start of this race,
and maybe all of this wouldn't had been undone,
but, I, with some hesitation, tell you,
wasn't it fun?

kill the bastard, wouldn't that had been easier?
easier, to kill what you see as the bastard?
As I said before, feeling in the mood for two poems. This one is a pun of the Sanguine Rose Staff from Skyrim, and Sanguine, the ghoul pony formerly known as Trueblood. I didn't like this antagonist, or accurately, how Blackjack almost immediately forgave him for his onslaught of murdering innocent foals for his own families well being. That spells leaps and bound for how much he cares, but in the end, the ends don't justify the means.
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