Red Eye

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Don't go through the dust storm unless you want to catch
red eye
Don't go to the nice eccentric people unless you want your
head dyed
Don't go to the pink mist unless you are eager to
Don't go to 'Delphia unless you want to get caught by
Red Eye.

With the gaze of him you find transfixed
your disposition of him utterly mixed
is he truly up to his ingenious tricks?
or is it obvious he is truly sick?

to the clouds above lay what was a town
red like him as is his disciples all around
to mine and coal to his bidding to lose what is not found
but nevertheless they are eager and honorbound

But there are some
who doubt my insight
but of those I know too well
because you see I'm very much like you
we've been through so much hell
but we still see the light
and want to find home

Believe when I say
I am here to help us all
but of course there are necessary
sacrifices to make to ensure a return to sanctuary
I know I lack some clarity
but we must stand tall
and do it anyway

You must face the storm if you want to catch
Red Eye
You better learn to shoot if you want to be a
Dead Eye
Don't ever sleep until your ultimate final
Beddy Bye
And don't ever get caught blindsided by the
red eye.

the cloak a cold reminder of his past
his destruction for the greater good aghast
but wouldn't it be nice to find peace at last?
or is his sick schemes too much to get past?

to the castle of princesses, war never changes
everyone dies of death but war never ages
the long-term success of him becoming the strangest
way to succeed towards peace as the war rages

But I am not
without my ascertain weaknesses
I know many who have relented my issues
but I know more who defend me just like you
someone who knows that power could be put to misuse
no matter the bleakness
who would trot

Hear me out
when I give you the choice
to run away from your inevitable fate
because I know many who drive for the freedom
but I know such responsibility makes you great
with your power of voice
you can't go without

Don't tread the waters unless you want to keep your
head dried
Don't ask the dragon to cook your meals unless you want your
bread fried
Don't ever leave your friends behind and honor the code of
Semper Fi
Don't ever stop doing what you do until you finish off
Red Eye.

You don't want to catch Red Eye
You don't want to capture Red Eye
You don't want to get caught by Red Eye
You don't want to red eye.

We're not so different, you and Eye.
another FOE character. Perhaps the first antagonist done.
© 2013 - 2021 Somethingguy912
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SentinelWolf5's avatar
As Red Eye is one of my favorite villains, I have to say this poem fits him so well.

Well done!=]
Somethingguy912's avatar
well thanks! hopefully you liked the cover too, yes?
SentinelWolf5's avatar
Oh yes, I find the cover very fitting. =]
FallingAsleepTonight's avatar
Sure thing! Hey, please do me a favor and check out my work some time :)
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