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I know where we need to go,
you can never tell me wrong,
because I know more than you'd know,
so let's just come along...

Because it looks like you are about to die,
let me automatically give you an anti-septic,
if it hurts I don't care how much you cry,
so let's forget my knowledge of aesthetic...

Since I'm still aware of the future,
you are depended upon my omniscience,
I fit right on your leg my kind suitor,
so believe that I'm your conscience...

I know where you need to go,
isn't that short of your luck?
Go to what you need to know,
your faithful, companion, pipbuck...

As your body becomes more inclined by me,
it looks like your under a lot of stress,
please focus your emotions carefully,
You must pull yourself through this mess...

That I seem that I can't help you now,
becoming a part of you sickens,
it's amazing what your body will go through how
the idea of death quickens...

Because I know the facts,
I was built to last as you always say,
you were assigned to your pact,
you can never leave and you'll always stay...

Because I know where you need to go,
back to home to rest in the stables,
there is too much you must not know,
the thought upon on you is not capable,

Because I know where you need to go,
aren't you so fortunate to have my luck?
But there is too much for me to show,
but I'll last, your faithful, pipbuck.

I'm the new 3000 edition.
a later FOE poem.
© 2013 - 2021 Somethingguy912
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We will go together my love. Lets see how well you predict. I will find out everything, one way or the other. Tonight is as good as any. Leave the correct date and time on, so at least I can know if you wrote it tonight
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say again? do i know you?