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a world aglow
the skyscrapers they fall
but colors is all I see
when drugs took the toll

something you don't know
immediately a know it all
everything I can be
drugs going on a roll

remember who said
the world is all smiles
don't let them get to your head
it'll hurt all the while

remember the voice
convince just one more tab
not like you had a choice
stuck on like a slab

remember your heart
how much more is enough?
as it tears you apart
when things get tough

the locks picked
the tumblers they fall
with the help of some
things that are discreet

drugs picked
friends are appalled
and now feeling condoned
by the flavors of this treat

remember who said
the world will become rainbows
now is the time to get ahead
as the tabs they'll grow

remember the voice
calling back to it again
still consider it a choice
to put your mind to end

remember your heart
can you get over it?
it ends right as it starts
you can't go without it

the memories jumbled
the past is not all
that you truly experienced
it is only objective

your spirit crumbled
going hard on the fall
without the adherence
to act subjective

the guns fixated
the bullets they fall
down they go
pop another pill before

truth instigated
your mind comes to a crawl
hopefully they'll never know
cutting to the core

the birds above
the clouds they call
upon the honor of one
who we inspire upon

onto the alcove
suddenly hitting walls
the accepting of being alone
as your mind is gone

the party ablaze
remember what they said

the time past
remember that voice

the mintals fresh
remember the taste

the party razed
bullets to the head

the time at last
didn't have the choice

the mintals mesh
remember what a waste

remember me
oh my pretties

remember me
oh your insecurities

remember me
icons on your blip

remember me
oh your littlepip.

the mintals tell me
what to do
where to go
pull the mintals out of your ass.
another FOE-inspired poem. I'm running out of ideas for this, so I might need to read PH now.
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