Number 8

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Literature Text

Please turn to chapter 19
and a Half
to view your
perverted content.

were you clopping too
like I would
based on the curiosity
of such vile acts?

Ever wonder what life
would be like
knowing littlepip
seeing number 8?

26 Times.
26 Times and counting
every single one a laddie
with these two lasses.

were you curious as to
where the presence of time
flew at the moment
they had intervened?

Ever know what
thoughts Littlepip
had in her mind
when brought with number 8?

But no,
this is all a interpretation of reality,
the men are the women,
the words coming out of the mouth not your own,
the thoughts a manipulation that distorts
the feelings when in contact
with the memory orbs.

prodding with the clumsy
thumbs do they
try to reach the ozone
of their O-zones.

were you hoping you could
unzip your pants
despite the luxury
of this fine literature?

Ever wish that
that pony could
remember the pleasure
coming from Number 8?

whispers underneath the bed
the vast colors of sex
all hues they shall explore
hopefully we can hear in detail.

were you in a sense of
not invited in the roles
of these mares?

Ever think that
you don't deserve it
the way Littlepip didn't
with number 8?

But no,
this is the thoughts of another person,
even if that person happens to be you,
how do you know you are the ghost
still living in your own shell?
because you can't even

oh number 8,
please turn to chapter 19.5
oh number 8,
something I can silently masturbate.
oh number 8,
it's mine and not your own.
oh number 8,
just too little too late.
memory orbs. Seems I still have some ideas rolling around.
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