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Mane to Machine (cover)

finally, the cover for Mane to Machine is out. This one was a difficult cover to convey, as I wanted a normal Blackjack in contrast to alicorn Blackjack, in a front facial position where the text would be split vertically. I was almost considering trying to manufacture one out of a Rainbow Dash vector, so it would have been my first time trying to directly modify a vector, but since there was also NO good forward facing mecha-alicorn vectors either, I had to change my original plan altogether and go for a horizontal split to compensate for my lack of vector skills. Vector-Brony as always has some wonderful vectors for me to manipulate to aspire my own little graphics covers, and she? has been my go-to vector sampler next-to Brisineo. My likeness was copypasted from my You're Special works, since I didn't want it to detract from the focus of the centerpiece. This has been the first time I have had to do this, as I usually apply my likeness in a way that is consistent with the art, such as with Scotch Tape and Lacunae Coil. Anyhow, fonts. The Top font above is the Flesh Digster font, the middle font is the Sidewalk font, and the Bottom font is Darktech_LDR. Also, apart from all other covers, this one is considerably larger than others. Expect that more often, as I will anticipate making the final poem, Blackjack, have the largest cover yet, and my most creative and definitive work.

NOTE: Edited the cover slightly, moving my likeness away from the title as it was distracting.
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Pretty cool. Is this a cover for anything specifically? Sorry for asking.
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yes, it's the cover to the poem itself. It should be in my "FOE" gallery folder.
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awesome. it looks very cool
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thanks! even with using your samples?