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if only you had a good ending.

the many you cried over.

the tears you cannot shed for us.

I will give them for you.

I don't know why, I should apologize, for the things you did.

maybe, I'm angry.

angry, that you never saw the light of day. It brakes me hard.

it is your choice, not mine.

the idea of people bowing to your feet.

calling out your name.

was not what you wanted. the humility you show, burdens my own.

I wonder if I can follow in the same path.

for the ultimate goal. the sacrifice.

I cry for you and for me about it.

that's what you would've done, had this all been, my situation.

i think we think alike. but I don't agree, with how it had to end.

if only you had a good ending.

I can't thank you enough for what you've made me.

so much more aware, so much thankful, so much more determined to strive.

I had hoped in my determination to find your peace, I never anticipated.

How that resoluted in your mind. A different kind of peace.

that now you can sleep. forever. I don't know if your happy about the results.

I am not. of course, seeing others happy was not my forte.

you've made it my priority. You are not real, and yet, I cry for your decisions to be

utterly worthwhile.

your decisions were not for your life, but for the lives of others, I know,

now, how wonderful I feel to hurt for others. to sacrifice.

a generosity that I've never experienced before. something you changed for me.

I can't thank you enough for what you've made me.

but if only you had a good ending.

but if only you had a good ending.

only if you had a good ending.

only if you had a good ending.

if you had a good ending.

if you had a good ending.


you had a good ending.
Fallout : Equestria was the best thing that ever happened to me.
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Sanluris's avatar
Fallout 3 was fun as heck. Usually I think it couldn't be better than that, but then Fallout Equestria happened. Fandoms are pretty cool. :)
Somethingguy912's avatar
indeed, but careful where you stick your head in, because sometimes you won't be able to pull it out.
Sanluris's avatar
And I should be careful about that because I've actually gotten my head stuck in things before. It's not so good.
Somethingguy912's avatar
Yeah, it's good knowing that I didn't revolve my life around a fandom.
sorag7g7's avatar
In sense of the best story i`ve ever been told/read/known about: definitely yes
Somethingguy912's avatar
good to know you enjoyed it??
sorag7g7's avatar
Well..., I may be a bit biased, because I finished reading FoE just a week ago,

but hell yes^^ 
Somethingguy912's avatar
still confused if you enjoyed the poem or the story of FOE
sorag7g7's avatar
Both dude, both^^
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Somethingguy912's avatar
thanks for the feature! I just wanted to inform you that the cover that you are using for this particular poem is the cover for 'The Morning Glory', just so you know.
Scuashman's avatar
Surely Fallout Equestria is one of the most top rated fics on all the Brony Fandom, WHen I ended it... I was like "Oh gawd why" And the I was like "She did what had to be done". Thanks to Khat, now there's even more good fics like FO:E Proyect horizons (Even larger than the original FO:E... Even larger than all the Harry Potter books together, and it's not even done yet).

You did an amazing work here, even you got Khat's Approval! (That's good :3)

 Clap Clap Clap Clap  Simply Amazing. Only a fews like you makes poems about this epical adventure in the Post apocaliptic Equestria.
Somethingguy912's avatar
thanks on your take on it. Granted, I was quite sour towards Khat about it in the past (I didn't like how making a poetry simply based on a popular fandom would be popular) and i didn't like the popularity of the poem coming towards it, but it's just something I'm going to have to live with. 

And as far as I can tell from the Fallout Equestria group, IM THE ONLY ONE who makes poetry based on Fallout:Equestria, so I'm one of a kind.  
Innak's avatar
Message from Kkat:

oh wow... that... wow!

:iconrarityclapplz: :iconpinkieclapplz: :iconrdclapplz: :icontwilightclapplz: :iconfluttershyclapplz: :iconapplejackclapplz:
Somethingguy912's avatar
sorry..... i meant not how. i am an asshole.
Somethingguy912's avatar
your kkat? really? well, I have a few words to say:

why, in all that is good and lordy, did you have to make me cry over a fictitious character? why could've i just gotten a chessy good ending? why all the pain! :(
Somethingguy912's avatar

that's how I envisioned actually getting a comment from someone "famous". I'm an asshole.
JetWave's avatar
Well written. :<
DarkCog's avatar
Well said. Well said.
:cry: :cries:
Kudos to you, sir.
Simply beautiful.
Somethingguy912's avatar
thank you, andrew ryan?
DarkCog's avatar
I suppose that is close enough.

Real name is Ryan Masters, though.
Somethingguy912's avatar
lol yeah, just the avatar looks a lot like andrew ryan.
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