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Lacunae Coil (Poem Cover)

as usual, I always deliver to you a poem cover following the poem itself. This took a lot more work than realized, but In the end, I myself enjoy the overall outcome and success of what I was trying to get out of this, even considering that my title is just a pun of Lacunae and the band Lacuna Coil. Anyhow, the credits here. The Smaller "Lacunae" is a cropped, modified photo of RinaSunshine's "We Had a Deal, Blackjack", whilst the larger and more intimidating Lacunae, meant to represent the Goddess, was portioned from a vector by Vector-Brony who kind of like Brisineo , is really fucking good at vectors. If only I was, then I wouldn't have to feel so fucking bad everytime I have to borrow someone's artwork to encapsulate my own. But I do have plans for a cover of a certain poem that uses my own artwork....
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