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Say whatever is on your mind.

No, I mean it, just come out with your heart.

do you have nothing to say?

are you sure?

just a big old smile you are,

such an old one.

a mare of few words,

but many actions.

I'm not sure if you're looking at me clearly,

but I'd like you to know,

you have one fucking contagious smile.

almost as contagious as that

flesh hanging off of you.

I don't mind it that much.

you're pleasant enough.

but that surely is enough for you,


anything that gets your day going,

and you sure get going,

high in the sky,

here to stay,

happy to be alive.

even if you aren't

necessarily so.

but what makes you

more alive than ever?

bubbles? muffins?

perhaps it is true:

the small things

are what make life

so much more living,

even in death,

even in your case.

I wonder if your

eyes were a cause of

your deficiency, or

just been there your

whole life?

well, it makes you

even more pleasant

than ever. I can't imagine

what joys you flourished

in the past.

It pains me so,

but you've pressed on

so daringly,

with a daughter to care

for, friends depending

on you, packages

to deliver, oh

so many of them,

you probably did this

in the past,

haven't you?


that is quite a virtue

in you. or is it,

laughter? or is it,

more in just laughing

at everything? is it more

a virtue to stay confident

and happy through

all your days rather than

just to laugh at everything

that floats on by?

or is it the same?

you tell me,

but you can't,

I don't know why,

but you seem to speak

to me so much more

clearly than words

ever could. amazing.

you are, truly, amazing.

you do a lot for us, ditzy do.
I don't know any other FOE characters to do other than Ditzy Doo ghouly style. IT might be confusing to tell the difference between the other!
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