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Your heads not where it's supposed to be
five feet connected from the stem
'crippled' is all that it reads
but I know more than you know

Your legs are spread a little too far wide
bent into the shape of a S, like "Slut",
no wonder your nethers are violated,
they made sure you'd never move

Your heart, sickly and deformed,
guilt and ashamed and so, so humble,
keeps thumping all your pain,
but have you been reading the signals?

That crying pony on your screen says
that you are dying of multiple cases
of stupidity, physical pain and disease
maybe a potion may help
a doctor's bag
a stimpak, anything,
in your condition,
anything would do.

Your head has gone to a place far away,
out of things that are not real,
tell me your deepest darkest sins,
spill them always onto me.

Your legs have treaded a road too long,
bending at the strain of your own weight,
how do you keep going like this?
are you making sure you get the most of your pain?

Your heart, insecure and so certain
of hope that keeps fleeting at every
moment of hope, pumping blood
that you willingly give at every moment

Those dotted lines on your pipbuck says
that you cannot focus in your state,
legs giving out, death too imminent,
maybe some sex might help
just a few friends
enemies, anything,
in your condition,
anything would do.

Why do you insist
on ignoring my cries for your better good?
Why do you persist
when your body can't going like as if it could?

See that crying pony
that's you

See those dotted lines
where your legs once were

I'm crying out to you
don't go any further

There is sense in
giving up now

No angst, no guilt,
no, generosity,

In your condition,
everything goes...

Those littered bottles of beer say
that you shall continue in your restless state
so much more to accomplish in so little time
to find all of the solutions
many more questions
complex, everything,
in your condition,
everything piques you.

Those band of people you call friends say
that they will follow you down to hell
if that kind of place exists, but who knows
the things all of you had endured,
depression, suicide,
love, everything,
in their condition,
they fit best with you.

in your condition,
anything suits you.

in your condition,
anything goes.

in your conditon,
your CND, goes....
since this poem isn't specifically related to plot or characters, but more of the gameplay elements of Fallout 3, i thought it safe to do this poem despite that I already made one almost 12 hours ago.
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StarryOak's avatar
Blackjack, is that you?
I know you wrote this for no one in particular, but still, this makes me think of her.
Somethingguy912's avatar
yes, it was directed towards blackjack, actually.
StarryOak's avatar
ah, yeah, that makes sense.
Somethingguy912's avatar
I honestly could had been about Littlepip, too. AT least it was easy for me to not have to blatantly tell you it was blackjack.