Boo Boos

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Boo Boo
To You
Who You
Brought To
Hippocratic Research
Blank Flanks
Firing Blanks
Towards Flanks
Body Banks
With your Gun Perched
Boo Boos
Brewed Due
To Few
Shrews Who Threw
You Into This Hell
The Hoof
Gone Aloof
Killed Doof
You Doofus
He's a good guy, can't you tell?
Boo's Good
Can't You
See Through
Boo's Boos
When You Don't do Better?
Turning Into
Few Who
Too Good
Screws Loose
Using His Feet to write a Letter

Uh Oh!
Oh No!
who is boo, to you?
Just a big old
boo boo
to you?

Uh Oh!
Oh No!
just a big old
ancient spook to
screw with

Boo Boo
To You
Good Food
Too Rude
All the Fancy Buck Cakes are gone!
Missions to Do
fishing fissions
wherein dishing
critical intel
time to right all her wrongs!
Boo Boos
two due
to lewd
Just like that day at the Seahorse!
Becoming a
Cumming Bee
come to me
see what they see in you
Just a bunch of little whores!

Uh Oh!
Oh No!
boo's not who you
used to know
oops and whoops
to you

Uh Oh!
Oh No!
know to use boo
for you shoo
him from

Boo boo
to you
could use
few tricks
from the master of chaos
necessary evils
accessory devils
living up to
stories you heard
some great magus
Boo Boos
got it in you
to proove
her you
are worth the life to save?
boo, you
don't know
what you've
gotten yourself
into, unless this is what you crave?

Uh Oh!
Oh No!
another boo boo in you
just another day
in the life of

Uh Oh!
Oh No!
another day of chaos
doing what it does best
in the life of

Uh Oh!
Oh No!
Not another right to wrong!
Uh Oh!
Oh No!
Not time to do better this time!
Uh Oh!
Oh No!
Not another voice in my head!
Uh Oh!
Oh No!
Not another project horizons poem!
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oelschlager's avatar
it was very chaotic and peaceful  i liked it
Somethingguy912's avatar
interesting, since I wasn't necessarily going for that.