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Blackjack (Cover)

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this is the final, overwhelming, doozy of a cover to send off my project on project horizons, FOR GOOD. As with the poem, many an edit were made from the teaser, such as the whole cornucopia collage of different blackjack-related images, the slight change in the sub-line, and the addition of other effects, such as the purple flame. Now, on to the credits, which is the most I have ever had to do for any other credit. And unlike most other credits, I'll actually LINK to each particular photo that I edited and cropped to fit the text on the page, and in no particular order, BELOW:

gonedreamer 'Blackjack'…
favmir '[FOE][PH] Blackjack'…
Serafin-VD 'You're A Good Pony, Blackjack'…
WitherMane 'Last Night At Tenpony Tower, Glory and Blackjack'…
LuckyDragoness 'FOE:PH - Lacunae (We Had a Deal, Blackjack) '…
MoreVespenegas 'The Whiskey Queen'…
'Fall of Glory'…
Foreling 'Security'…
RubleGun 'card'…
AlexandrZaytsevet 'Why are you Crying?....'…
Adalbertus 'Champion In Bed'…

And the image of Morning Glory comforting a dying/dead Blackjack below GoneDreamer's Blackjack and above Champion In Bed was unable to be found, so apologies if I wasn't able to credit you and if you happen to be seeing this cover feel free to make a note so I can properly credit you for it. that also goes for the subtle background behind all the text. And as for the font type used for the majority of the image and for the subttitle and likeness is Before Collapse, also found on Dafont as all fonts I need can be found on. 

As promised, I would like to thank all the creators of FOE:PH related art who were very accepting of the fact that I have borrowed many a variety of different sources to edit and crop for my own uses. I know this is probably because I properly credit them for the use and don't assume that I've made it myself, but some people can be angry for just using it on principle rather than for what means or what gains for it. It probably also helps that I don't get any monetization from it and if I were to would require me to come into contact with each of these artists in order to work out the monies accordingly in equal fashion. I'm also just as appreciative for the positive praise for all of the work that I've done for this particular fandom, even if in times I had doubts about how to pursue my work and have lashed out in emotion against the praise (as if it isn't deserved). If I had any kind of drawing talent or vector talent, I'd never succumb to borrowing other people's works, (other than The Morning Glory, but that was for other reasons) but such is the consequence of borrowing other works to suit my own purpose. I'd also like to thank Somber and his accolade of buddies for providing this interesting and clusterfuck of a Story to the end, months before the release of Fallout 4 (which will bring upon another whiff of inspiration for the FOE group) even despite the presumed controversy behind his work or whatever. I know Kkat had noticed the poem Littlepip that I made, and I hope the same will go for this poem and the cover as well. 

So kudos to all of you. I'll probably be quite inactive for awhile, as I have pretty much slashed about half of all the productions that I have had in the works, so I hope this and the previous poem will bide you some entertainment.
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monere-lluviaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for including mine! ^^
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Somethingguy912Professional Writer
no problem!
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AdalbertusHobbyist Digital Artist
that's a lot of Blackjack :D

as for "borrowing" of my work, I'm flattered that you found it interesting enough to include =P 
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Somethingguy912Professional Writer
no problem! that's the sentiment most other artists used!