99 Lives, But I Saved One

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I will never be forgiven,
for the things I've done,
I've killed 99 Lives,
but I saved one,

All a while ago,
when life used to be ho hum,
I used to live in Stable 99,
but not in Stable 101,

I told myself,
there had to be a better way,
yet I still killed Stable 99,
And went about my Days,

I told you,
forget all the things I do,
your home, Stable 99,
a home were males are used,

And I,
can justify the things I've done,
I've killed Stable 99,
and be happy that I saved one,

All The While,
I'm getting my nethers plowed,
It's too late to save them All,
I have to let them go,

I convinced myself,
there had to be a better way all along,
A time when Stable 99 lives,
and then I could finally move on,

I convinced you,
that I did what was needed to be done,
I have 99 problems anyway,
and a Stable isn't one,

And I can't lie to myself,
all the bad things I've done,
I killed my Stable,
and I could only save one,

told them not to grind the bodies,
I told them, they're infected,
told them nothing about the bodies,
I scolded them, they're aggressive,
That's what I'll tell her,
There wasn't any other way,
It's what I do, to get by,
to show that I don't have a problem,
They've nestled their fate,
I do not abide to being reactionary,
They know what I am,
I save the ponies, even,
if I'm saving them from themselves...

I can't forgive them,
for killing my mum,
so I killed Stable 99,
and decided to save one,

Eating her heart out,
I'm not the only one,
who kills 99 lives,
and tries to save one,

Telling them now,
move on from inside,
afraid of what creeps out,
I had to destroy their Lives,

Telling you now,
all this new pain and hurt,
all the things I do to people,
it always hurts me much worse,

I can't ever forget,
all the pain I've done,
Stable 99 is just a reminder,
Stable 99 is just one,

I can't ever forgive myself,
for anything I've done,
proudly killing 99 lives,
proudly saving one,

I can't remember,
where my heart beats from,
did I leave it back at Stable 99,
did I even have one?

I don't deserve your love,
if only you did what I've done,
I will do it again, 99 more times,
and forgive myself when I save one.

I have 99 problems,
but a Stable, isn't one.
A poem scratching the surface of the "I got 99 Problems, but a Bitch Ain't One", which works quite well since Blackjack saved Scotch Tape and lives in Stable 99. SEE! That's like 4 different portmanteau's right there! CLEVER!
© 2014 - 2021 Somethingguy912
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GameMakingOtaku's avatar
DarkCog is right, it's got all the emotion seen in the story. This helps to further this a being BJ's thoughts; how she sees it, analyzing it, rationalizes it, turns on that rationalization, and finally "excepting" it... to the best of her ability. The Blackjack five stages.

Well done. I'd love to hear it as a song... like 99 problems.
Somethingguy912's avatar
thanks for your analysis, but you are using the wrong use of the word "accept", it's "accepting it". excepting it is to exclude one thing from the rest of the batch, like "all these crayons are red except for this blue one", whereas accept would be like "I accept the fact that there are all of these red crayons and this one blue crayon"

Anyhow, thanks for your input! I like hearing from people in depth about the things they love.
GameMakingOtaku's avatar
Like I said before, I have problems reading... that of course includes spelling XD
Glad to see it didn't get lost... this time. :c That happens a lot to me.
Somethingguy912's avatar
that's why I'm here to help. those who pretend to be smart and end up acting stupid, well, are going to get the harder hitting part of my hand.
DarkCog's avatar

Clever, deep, and dark, yet truthful to what happened.

I love it.

Somethingguy912's avatar
why thank you! I have yet to see your analysis' of my other FOE works! I like to hear them from you!
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