21 Or Bust

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Ante Up
The Dealer Says
Bust Some Nuts
Head in the Ruts
Balance a Shot Cup

Ante Up
I can do better
the best I ever
not a executioner
I never will be never

I'm looking for paradise
in a pair of dice
I'm afraid of my friend's lives
that I can spare the lies

I'm looking for paradise
and failed upon many tries
afraid that if I give up now
that peace will soon die

So 21 or Bust
Ante Up Ante Up
churn hearts and Rust
Kick the pain and the Dust

So 21 or Bust
Ante Up Ante Up
not the time to be in lust
I do what I can and is just

Ante Up
The Dealer Smiles
hurting me all the while
his hateful vile
my forsaken trials

Ante Up
I am a monster
I've lost her
and cost her
life in a coffer

I'm looking for sanctuary
in a simulated apiary
afraid to compromise
I'm out of the ordinary

I'm looking for sanctuary
no pain and no wary
too afraid to speak the lies
the varied and oh so very

so 21 or Bust
Ante Up Ante Up
I must give trust
what my friends do best for me

so 21 or Bust
Shot up Shot Up
my body must but just
can't go on any longer for me

so 21 or Bust
all my cards are up
blackjack isn't to be found
she's just a fragment of what she was

so 21 or Bust
my tab is up
blackjack isn't around
her lust just thrust into what she was

Ante Up
no chips to pay
my body has been splayed
my trust been played
all too familiar anyway

Ante up
my cards struck no luck
used me and can't give a fuck
an emotional dump truck
no light in this muck

I've looked for that harmony
as people continue harming me
afraid there isn't a better way
my friends continue harping on me

I've looked for that harmony
but what I really look for is a armory
too much goldenblood for me today
give it all up for some time with my only

so 21 or bust
too many times I've just
wanted to give it all up
all the lives it costs

so 21 or bust
ante up ante up
but I'm done with this game
I'm letting go on the alley up

so 21 or bust
eye to eye with the dealer
is he a healer or a deceiver?
I really need a revealer

so 21 or bust
I luster the injustice
of unjust ruts looking for a rut
with my magical gelding glut

so 21 or bust
I lack the muster
to trust enemies with lust
I fold my cards and give up

Ante up.


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[insert McDonald's slogan here]

On a serious note i did like the poem
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WintersFurry's avatar
Is that not Mickey D's slogan?
Somethingguy912's avatar
mickey d has a lot of slogans, honey.
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well it is the original.  I think