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Born Olivia Jennifer Morrigan, her father suffered from PTSD in the 1st Gulf War, and upon return, found his wife to have born a bizarre-looking mutant.  1991 was still a time when mutants (like Anne, Beth, Kate, and etc.) were extremely rare with the first media-recognized births in the mid-1980s--the causes were still completely unknown (they still are to some degree in the 2010s, although its more predictable with the genome cracked.)  Unable to cope, 2nd Lt. Rich Shoyo-Harris (half Eastern Shoshone, making her a fourth Native American, and the rest Anglo-Irish-ish) vanished--leaving Olivia to be raised by her now-destitute mother, Joanne Morrigan. 
450x302 Q75 by somethingelse77
Lt. Rich Shoyo-Harris is third from the left waaaay in the back... or so says his ex-wife.

Fortunately her grandfather, Ted Morrigan II, was still alive, and once of the larger ranchers around Riverton and Lander (he lost his fortune in the Savings and Loans Crisis in the late 1980s and early 1990s), supported Olivia's mom and her unusual child.  At first he was rather miserly, having never quite recovered from losing his eldest son in Nam (Ted III)--but eventually he and Olivia became extremely close in a way only a granddaughter and grandpa can.  The old man also ensured that Olivia had at least some basic connection to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, as he was a Mormon, and his daughter (her mom) a very lapsed Mormon.  That being said, the last time she's ever been back to the Riverton LDS Temple was for Confirmation when she was eight.  Olivia spent most of her summers working on the Morrigan Ranch, located about 50 miles south of Riverton on the outskirts of the Wind River Indian Reservation and the majestic mountains of the same name.  The nearest "town", not even incorporated, was Pershing (fictional.) Her father, who's she does not remember, supposedly grew up in the Reservation.  
Large Pinedale 01 by somethingelse77
The Wind River Mountains, Wyoming.  The resort town of Pinedale in the foreground.  Pershing in the 1950s once claimed to be the resort capital of Wyoming, but as it never actually had any resorts (or more than one horse), Pinedale and Jackson Hole have since (rightfully) held that mantle.
Bama-slim-warren-the-old-cowboy by somethingelse77
Olivia, despite having such unusual fingers and only a vestigial opposable thumb, has always loved to paint.  Her two extra-long four-phalanxed fingers, while not ideal, can grasp a pencil, pen, or brush just as well as any Normal.  Great hand-eye coordination and visual perception (she has an pair of extra rods in each of her large eyes, which along with picking up extra light due to the pupils (not always a good thing), can see a million more color shades than the average person.)  
Here she did one of her Grandfather.  She won several awards, and got invited during the beginning of her sophomore year to Cheyenne for a state-wide high school art competition--which she came in third for.  Before things went south it was her dream to become an artist living on her grandpa's ranch, which is her favorite place in the world.  Maybe even get a Fine Arts Scholarship to the University of Wyoming or Colorado State... but that was not to be.

Olivia Grandpa Morrigan (her mom's maiden name) passed away when Olivia was barely a preteen, but prior to his death he gave Olivia an old journal to write down her thoughts--"Record your thoughts, review your troubles, and persevere; that is the Morrigan Way.  "Upon her grandfather's death, when Olivia was going through the super-awkward phase in the second year of Middle School, the Morrigan family became embroiled in a bitter inheritance dispute over the Ranch's ownership; which was all that Ted Morrigan really had left--and given his immense (and irrational) distrust of lawyers, never settled before his untimely death.  Her uncle, Walter, a real estate agent down in Salt Lake City, easily bested his sister, Joanne, who lacked the money and knowledge to properly to defend her rights.  While neither Grandpa Ted never once thought of selling the Ranch, the extensive property had considerable value-if simply for investment purposes given the miniscule taxes in the state.  This devastating ordeal, and the loss of her grandpa, the key father figure in her life, sent Olivia (not to mention  into a self-destructive cycle of adolescent poor decision making.   It did not help that her mother fell into severe (clinical) Depression, internalizing the excessive guilt for having her and her daughter become completely dependent now on welfare (and now Disability (not including the fact that due to the quirk of the ADA law, Olivia and all others like her are automatically eligible for)), just like those dark (but short-lived) days right after when her husband left.  Joanne Morrigan never recovered.   Joanne worked in a Lander gift shop for awhile before being fired for shoplifting, after which she worked at various minimum wage positions around Lander and Riverton (when her depression wasn't so bad she'd even have up to three jobs at once to support her daughter.)    Olivia had to get use to Joanne bringing home on a weekly basis different men she would meet while working up in town.  She could hold her own, but they were not normally very nice or were creepy.  She'd tell Joanne her choice in men sucked but when Joanne didn't tell her to shut her ungrateful little mouth, the truth would usually send her mom back into Depression--hence she stopped saying anything and stopped spending that much time at home; instead crashing at her friends, or more often, her own boyfriends' (she was loath to admit it but she also went after the bad boys, troublemakers, and rough necks--at least those who would date (or bang) a mutant "freak" like her. 
Life On The Ranch by somethingelse77
A picture of Grandpa Ted and several hired hands (all local kids) herding cattle sometime between 2004 and 2006.  Olivia can't practically ride a horse without much difficulty and awkwardness, so she's galloping behind the photographer.  For a four-legged girl she can run pretty fast and has considerable stamina.

These Mutants, nearly 70% of whom are only young millennials or 80s babies (or younger), have faced considerable discrimination and prejudice.  Outright discrimination is illegal under the grounds of it being a 'disability' but that doesn't stop most people from doing so, or looking the other way.  (More on this later.)  Olivia has been both lucky and unlucky--lucky for being pretty removed from most prying eyes and knowing nearly everyone for 50 miles in any direction--and unlucky for being the only one of her kind for 200-300 miles in any direction.
"Mutant", also called "Deviant" births, including those hereditary, were becoming more common, maybe one in 300,000 (for non-mutant parents) by the late 2000s.  For a single mutant parent, there is about a 50-60% chance of inheriting the 'Deviant Human Anatomic Complex Polygene' (DHACP) (the tentative formal medical name for the Mutations, for now.)  If both parents are mutants, they have nearly a 90% chance.  If they are mutant and   If it's not a mutant father and normal mother, the the mother's mutant physique almost always inherited verbatim.  Unfortunately, there is maybe a surprisingly low 10-25% chance, depending on the mutation severity:  of miscarriage, stillborn, early death, or more likely, debilitation.  Most mutants above class II (most of my OOCs are class III if not class IV or V) have an extra two chromosomes but a unique quirk provides their germ ells with the normal human number, for procreation.  Given that only small percentage of mutants have had the Complex going back two, if not three generations (less than 30% of mutants alive in the mid-late 2010s were born before 1980, and that's not because of life-span (if they're viable they can live longer than normal humans)) it is not exactly known how long the Complex will remain compatible with baseline humans.  There are some cases, as the grandchildren of the oldest known mutants attempt to procreate with normals, that their offspring are sterile or simply incapable of interbreeding.  Then again, there are some great-grandchildren who have been able to mate (albeit with more complications than first or second generation mutants) with normals.  Last, not all mutants who  have passed what appears to be the expiration for flexible chromosomal miscegenation are capable of interbreeding.  Some, including nearly all Class Is will have the regular 46 chromosomes in their germ cells... others Class III and beyond will have up to six extra chromosomes, and from the few studies conducted (this is still very rare, new, and with few answers) can only mix with those with a similar number, or those who have the same body plan (which is just as rare, although there are a growing number of "deviant anatomical genres"
Nevertheless, in a State with only less than half a million people Olivia was the only Mutant, 'Deviant' or "Freak" as they've become known.  Unsurprisingly, some in the small Mutant/Deviant community have embraced this epithet eagerly (deliberately taking a page from the Gay and Queer counter-cultures,) although its still considered highly derogatory.  "Deviant," another term, based off the formal medical designation, is preferred by most of the larger city-based Mutant organizations, and the newly-formed (as of 2008) National Anatomical Deviant Alliance (NADA.)  The exact cause (and mechanism) of the DHACP still being unknown (and their viability and apparent so-called "lego genes" baffling scientists) and little to no protective legislation.
DNA-640x353 by somethingelse77

W.I.P (Sorry for the all caps...):
Still worked at ranch over the summer as a teenager, alongside a few other hired ranch hands, mostly Shoshones from the reservation, local kids, or as the decade wore on, the occasional Latino migrant.
Never graduates from Riverton high school.  Like many in the county (and nearby reservation) she hung out with a rough crowd.   A bit desperate to be accepted, and to be taken seriously romantically if not sexually, she got knocked up her sophomore year.   While she would have preferred not to, she is all but forced to marry her current boyfriend at the time (she has had some prior experience), Miles Wuest, who quickly proves to be a degenerate.  Unfortunately, she miscarried very late, but too late after the hasty marriage.  Her mom passed away soon after.  With her mom gone, grandpa gone, married to a total loser, and with what had been an expected pair of triplets (physiologically she will almost always give birth to twins or above), Olivia drops out of high school before the return of the fall 2007 semester.  Probably dyslexic, she was never very book-smart anyways (for a mutant, and barring the above mistakes, she's got considerable common sense.)

She works full time at Kramer's diner in Pershing as miles, a truck driver,  has CDL suspended for alcoholism so he resorted to day labor, when he bothered and has been pretty much completely unemployed since the great recession in 2009, or the last five years.  Her uncle wants little to do with her (he is rather judgmental and just an arse), but the Wuests live in a trailer park (the only neighborhood in Pershing) just across the street from the Morrigan ranch's side entrance.  As Uncle Walter Morrigan does not directly maintain the property, Olivia has taken it upon herself to keep the homestead up, and to oversee during the ranching season.  God knows she needs all the money she can get.  Most of her money is taken by miles for booze (or drugs (she terrified that he's maybe gotten into meth as of late)) and she is too terrified of him to leave or resist... Besides where could she, a mutant with no real family, no real money, and in the middle of fucking nowhere really go?  
Wyoming by somethingelse77
Old man Kramer looked out for Olivia, especially as miles became increasingly abusive and inebriated.  Became best girl-friends with Mary Jane, a down-to-earth rugged Wyomingite who is a fellow waitress at the diner.  Olivia is somewhat self-conscious of being a spectacle but Kramer ensures that no lowlife drifter dares grope or tease her.  If Olivia doesn't beat the shit out of the pervs, Old Man Kramer will, and to the cusp of death.  The only one he can't, but wishes to the most, is that lowlife Miles Wuest.
Deans-diner-pc by somethingelse77
Kramer's Diner is a dusty whole-in the wall, two-bit establishment.  Olivia spends as much time there, even when she's not working, as possible.  Old Man Kramer and Mary Jane are like virtual family to her and both look out for the "Pershing's Most Special Little Girl..." not a title (given by the town council when she was barely five--back when she was literally one in a million) she's ever publicized.

As Miles continues to descend into the bottomless pit of spousal and drug abuse, Olivia has begun to gain back weight in the belly--in April, 2016 (canon generally set in mid/late 2010s) and this picture is set latter that summer while working on the Morrigan ranch.   Mary Jane drove her to a doctor in Riverton (given all the events during her 16th year, she never learned to drive, and miles isn't legally allowed to own a car given his permanent suspension) two weeks ago.  There he tested her positive for pregnancy (she tested herself, but given her anatomy, it’s imperative to get a second opinion) carrying what might be triplets.  It's too early for an ultrasound but the doctor believes that they are healthy (her first time they miscarried from complications (which are, shockingly, kinda rare) from the mutation), and the children have a 60% chance of inheriting most if not all of her unique "mutation."  
REVERSE RESIZE else  ovilia copy by lilly moo-d8qd by somethingelse77
Olivia has been hiding her wages in Mary Jane's bank account, away from Miles' grubby greedy fingers, saving everything she can to buy a train ticket out of Denver (and gas money to get to Denver) and enough cash to rent an apartment on the coast.  After years of declining his offers, olivia finally relented to Old Man Kramer pitching into the ‘Save Olivia Fund' as well.  Having done some considerable online sluething in her freetime (at Mary Jane's, given miles won't allow her near "his" computer (which she paid for)), thinks her dad is still alive and living in New York City.  Furthermore, while San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, San Diego and Los Angeles have organized mutant communities so does new york city, perhaps the biggest estimated number in the country.  

Hopefully once she finds her dad, or support from her fellow "freaks", he can help her pay for a lawyer (presumably a mutant/deviant advocate...  To divorce miles and sue him (and Uncle Walter) for all the wrongs they have done.. That and somebody to finally truly relate to... Other than Mary Jane, who's planning to tag along with her best friend Olivia to ensure that everything works out, and if it (probably) doesn't, to help her through anyways.  Oh and maybe a nice guy she can pick and choose, who may or may not look like her.  She's got baggage, inside and out, but QUE SERA SERA. by somethingelse77

Olivia loves the towering mountains, the vast open prairies, the rugged consequences-be-damned individualism of Wyoming, her home.  But it's dawning on her, whether she likes it or not, there is no immediate future for her here; only doom and loss.  No doubt she will one day return to Morrigan Ranch, triumphant with what is hers.  If not, then she'll probably never return--for there is still nothing but doom and loss.

An updated retelling of this older short story:…

And this commission:…

Pardon the bad grammar and possibly incoherent structure... the DA Writer is kinda wonky and I haven't had real time to proof-read.  Will do asap.
MoreThanNone Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Now that's a comprehensive backstory, well done! Love the use of real pics to punctuate the piece too.
somethingelse77 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks!   It's a technique I regularly use in other non DA writing forums.   A Picture can tell a thousand words so I often can spend too much time on Google Images looking for just the 'right' image. 

I do need to re proof read it however. 

Got suddenly inspired. It does tie into my other oocs.
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