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Caitlin on the phone by somethingelse77 Caitlin on the phone by somethingelse77
Another older drawing from yesteryear.

She's on the phone with a girlfriend, who's boyfriend just dumped her. As such, her tails are raised, in concern.

Caitlin is one of those people who are always on their phone, texting or calling. She just got the new iPhone for her birthday. Thank you grandma, who's always "spoiled" her.

Actually, while she's gotten much better, Caitlin has a major speech impediment. Her larynx and vocal cords are deformed, and she has a forked tongue. As such, her voice used to resemble that of a deaf person, with annunciation being a major issue. When she was a little girl, it was very hard to understand what she was saying, which led to her getting easily frustrated. Years of intensive speech therapy however has led to improvement, and she is able to enunciate most words, although it is still very noticeable. Regardless, she talks all the time and like everything else, it doesn't bother her. She's a very competitive person and sees it as just another challenge to be beat, like the story of Job from the bible.

To the astute observer, or anyone that's known her for a long time, body language is especially important.

Her tails, contract, extend, and move in accordance to her ever-changing emotional states. While she can control their movements, even grab certain objects with them, much of their movements are involuntary. As she has seven limbs, not including the tails, she barely thinks about them, but that does not mean they stay still. They're almost always moving or swaying.

When she's happy it usually is straight back and wagging, when concerned or frightened, it is straight up. When aroused, straight out. When relaxed, it is straight back or down, curving out. When in a defensive position, it is straight down, when submissive, it is tucked beneath her legs. Despite her claims to the contrary, Caitlin does not have any special ability to read animal body language.

Sitting in chairs has always been a problem, but one she cannot simply avoid. She has custom chairs, extra wide, with space in between the seat and the back for her tails to hang out. At both home and school, her dad, who is a carpenter (works in construction) by trade, has made these special chairs for her.

When she has a chair that has no opening in the back, she can bend her tails under her legs, as they are very flexible. however prolonged pressure on them can be painful, so she often looks restless.

Besides being stared at, her second greatest pet peeve are narrow seats with arm rests. She's never been on a airplane, but she figures from what she's heard, she wouldn't be able to sit in a normal chair as her hips are far too wide. She must sit in handicapped chairs for those who are obese, as their hips often are as wide as hers, despite her being otherwise bone thin.

She learned to walk at the same age everyone else did, although her gait is different obviously. Her normal mode of locomotion is middle leg first, followed by the outer two. While this gives a pronounced "bounce", its hardly noticable, and she can be just as quick, if not quicker than others. Her run however is not that way, with her legs moving in order. She's faster than anyone she's knows and often runs 8 miles every morning. With two hearts and a vestigial third lung (that's somewhat functional) she has incredible endurance and is rarely out of breath. She's been considering running in the Chicago Marathon, although she has reservations, as her "limbs" would make her a spotlight, and she likes to be out of the limelight as much as possible.

While merely speculation, her doctor believes she may live well past the average lifespan, with her two hearts keeping her going for many years.... although again, mere speculation. She rarely is sick, besides high blood pressure, although when she doesn't eat enough, her immune system quickly weakens.

Looking at her you could never tell she regularly eats up to 3000 calories a day (almost a minimum), often 4000. For that reason, she loves buffets, loves them loves them. As everywhere else she must order two meals to satisfy her appetite. As such, her parents when at the store must by for a family of 6, when she only has two younger brothers, who by the way, are completely normal. While she'll be at a restaurant for a long time, she doesn't gorge herself, and has impeccable manners.

On a unrelated note she has 3 1/2 kidneys but only a slightly larger than normal liver. Her intestines split in two so effectively past the stomach (50% larger than normal) she has two digestive tracts.
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Digital-Quill Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I liked the tail part :) I've tried to introduce some tail gesturing to my character, I wonder if anyone has picked up on it as it is only done in images :)
somethingelse77 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Her tails can be easily used to tell her body language.
Digital-Quill Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, I noticed. Etsu's are a little more subtle otherwise she'd knock someone over ;)
phaichi Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Which brings me a curious question. Do her bladders fill randomly, making one her privates having to pee at one time, and sometimes going a whole day without using the other? Or is there a pattern in their urinating?
somethingelse77 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
*Slapped by Caitlin. That's my business, not yours!

Never thought about that honestly. It isn't as random as that however. Essentially her digestive tract does not split at the stomach but in the small intestine. From there goes down both equally at the same rate. If she ate the normal amount, she'd only half to poo or pee half as much, but since she must consume twice as much as a normal person it equals out. There is some randomness to when which one will fill up first, but generally she just empties both at the same time, out of habit, although she doesn't have to. At home this is what she does because they have a custom built toilet, but when at school or out, she can only empty one side at a time, which took practice...
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