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Caitlin Track Star by somethingelse77 Caitlin Track Star by somethingelse77
Caitlin is a athlete. With a incredible metabolism, two hearts, two and a half lungs, and three legs, she can run further and faster than anyone in the State. She's also talented at Volleyball, Kickboxing, and Soccer, I wonder why?....

She's willing to forgo her usual "private life" in order to run. So much so she made the news in the last year when she won the State's cross country competition, beating records held for over 20 years by a longshot.

The runner-up actually lodged a complaint with the ISAA, alleging her "condition" gave her a unfair advantage. Expecting this, her town pooled money together to pay for a good lawyer. After a year in court the ISAA ruled that it could not discriminate on the basis of physical "handicap". After all, she used no man-made prosthesis that gave her a boost, and after running, she must wear her back brace, as the weight of her upper torso is quite hard on her, despite having two lower spines.

While she would despise national attention, she's been preparing all year to run the Chicago Marathon, which she hopes to win. And she's only 18. She's been given a cross country scholarship as well as a full ride to a prestigious State University.

While she went to public school up to the 8th grade, she attended the large Christian High School in town. She's extremely religious, doesn't believe in evolution (her mutant genetics be damned), and is a staunch supporter of the tea party. Her main issues are pro-life and government reform. She's pro-life for a very good reason. Many parents would have aborted her, had they known about her deformaties en vitro. She loves her life, and can't fathom being "murdered" for her "limbs". Plastic surgeons have offered to remove her "extras" (like the tails, breasts, or six-fingers) bro bono, but her firm belief that "God made her this way for a reason" denies her even the thought of doing so, for pure cosmetic reasons.

Caitlin does wear conservative clothing however, that downplays her four breasts. She does this both out of modesty, and to deter the obvious attention she'd get from boys, it's bad enough as it is.

She regularly wears glasses, and the lenses are prismed, which reduces the amount of "double" she sees. Normally people would be weirded out by her being cross-eyed, but with four-breasts, four arms, six-fingers, two tails, and 3 legs, its probably the last thing people notice. Ironically, besides her breasts, it is probably the one thing she is most self-conscious about.

While she's refused to have any of her "Limbs" or extras removed, she has had to undergo surgery a few times. When she was thirteen, her left eye veered so far inwards the iris was no longer even visible, effectively blinding her in said eye. The ophthalmologist was able to correct the eye, but within two years it was permanently off-center again. Fortunately, the eye doctor does not believe it will drift any further. While Caitlin can move her left eye, it is perpetually lazy (meaning even when she focuses it is cross-eyed) and is limited in its movements.

As her four breasts developed, they put additional stress on a already fragile back. She was diagnosed with basic scoliosis at the age of 9 because of her four arms, and it became severe at the age of 17. She's undergone four major back surgeries to correct it and she no longer is "hunched".
Digital-Quill Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her athleticism and religion come into it a lot. She has a life, interesting that the approach is to show how bad others are at judging her.
somethingelse77 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Indeed. I don't want the story to devolve into "everyone hates me let me hide in a corner". She goes out, people stare/whisper, but she doesn't care. it's annoying of course, but to quote her, "she can't afford to have low self-esteem".
Digital-Quill Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course, that would just end up being painful to read :P
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