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It was a long drive from Baltimore to the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia.  Her long, thick tail was a bit stiff from the ride.  In the car was Barbara and the Professor.  Yet, despite his continuing curiosity, she did not bring up the previous debacle, or her desire to end it all.  Instead the radio played, simple classical music.  With Perfect Pitch and Memory, she knew immediately what the relatively unknown piece was, and what every note, on every instrument was as well.  She let her mind drift off and for a few moments she let her troubles float away, fantasizing with the aid of the music, her abnormally high libido pleasured in many exotic manners, by an unknown man.  Normally it would have been Michael, but bringing up his face, only brought pain.
For most of the way down, she slept, purring softly as she rested her giant head on the window.

"Wake up, we're here." She felt a nudge on her shoulder as Dr. Shaharazar spoke loudly.
It was raining, and the colors of wet summer surrounded the Honda Prius they were in.  They were in a wooded area, with the other houses obscured by the hilly and curving nature of the road.  What would have otherwise been a tranquil stretch on the edge of civilization was packed with black cars, police vehicles, and yellow tape.  This was it.  Everyone was already here.

Dr. Shaharazar unlocked the car, and put it in park.  Stepping out, he opened her door, after you my dear.  While she didn't say anything, the man was smart, not as smart as she obviously, but she knew he knew.   That's probably why it was so awkward earlier. Regardless, once this case was over, she'd finally put a end to this tragedy and hang herself, which he had so rudely interrupted her from carrying out.
"After you Barbara."

"Thank you Professor Reza Shaharazar."

"My pleasure, they told us to meet them over there," he pointed to a tree near the edge of the driveway were two black sedans were parked, with three to four people wearing black suits, and several more wearing blue uniforms with the large yellow FBI logo on the back, "that would most definitely be them."

Nevetherless, with the sighting of Barbara, most heads turned, especially the local cops, she slinked backed embarrassed. Hide me, I hate being looked at, no don't show your timidness, be strong, be strong to we are done. She folded in her groin hands and walked in her strange manner along with the Professor to the middle of the crowd. Once the agents had seen her, one of them, a young woman, with burnette hair, and short stature, came to met them.
"Dr. Barbara Maldovar and Dr. Reza Shaharazar, I presume?"

"That is I."

"Excellent. Agent Karen Murrow, FBI. I'm glad you two could come at such short notice."

"It was not a problem."

"Good.... I know we didn't tell you much over the phone, but confidentiality is at the utmost importance right now. My assistant has these four forms for you to fill out. Signing these means all the evidence and crime scenes you are shown are to remain within the confines of your lab, you are not to mention it to anyone, even local police authorities, and especially not the media. Lastly, we will require you to report directly to our office."

"Those conditions are fine."

"Then sign here."

Barbara picked up the pen with her double-thumbed hands and scribbled her name on all the sheets. So far the Agent Murrow had not shown any signs or feelings of surprise at her form, which was strange within herself. Attempts to further study her were hard, this woman was well-guarded, and it was likely not even Barbara could pick up her lies.
"Now that these legal stipulations are out of the way, follow me—Mulder, take these forms please." A dark-haired young man, probably a intern, came over to grab the files.
They walked together into the house, two other FBI personnel, symbolized by their blue uniforms, followed Barbara and Professor.
"Now the area we are going into, the basement, is highly restricted, no local law enforcement have been allowed down here."

"Why is that?" asked the Professor.
"You will see."

"See what?"

"That...." She pointed to the floor as they were half-way down the steps. Down below was a heavily cordoned off area, with stretches of tape, signs, markers.... and body parts. But nothing like she had ever seen before. It was a gruesome scene and Barbara felt like throwing up. There was a.... tentacle to her left by the door. What the hell.

"What, I've.. how?"

"Exactly. We don't know what this, she, whatever is. The entire family met a similar fate, but the 'girl' down here, we've never seen anything like it."

"Is it a alien?"

"We don't think so... that's why we brought in you."


"We believe she's a mutant."

"A mutant?"

"Don't ask surprised Doctor.... your friend here is one of them."

"Excuse me Agent Karen Murrow, of the FBI?" said Barbara, her voice slightly nasal.
"That is correct. The victim, one... Amanda Herrin, is like no one we've ever seen before."

"Then why do you need us?"

"Find out what happened to her exactly, her biology, and help us find the others."
"The others?"

"You think you two are the only ones?"

"Well.... we have so far identified approximately 24 mutants known on the continent."

"Barbara... Even so, how does that apply?" challenged the Professor.

"This killing was targeted. We don't know exactly, but it seems there's a very good reason. Nothing was stolen, nothing damaged, only the family."

"How do you expect us to go about this."

"You can do a autopsy, correct?"

"Well yes... but she's not all.... not together."

The torso is...

They looked over and saw it, without further graphic description, it looked far from Human.
"Carry out the autopsy, report to myself and my division her anatomy, any internal signs of trauma, and her genetic code."

"Genetic code?"

"The race is on to find the others.... before its too late."


"Good luck.... and tell no one."

"Not a problem."
"Take care Dr. Maldovar."

"We will do our most admirable to deliver you the results you seek Agent Karen Murrow, of the FBI."
"I'm sure you will..... If you do, I promise your Project will find the funding it needs. Guaranteed." She winked as she walked off to take a call.

They spent the rest of the afternoon studying the body, taking to forensics, and waiting for it be sent back to the lab in Baltimore.
Barbara thought about it all, and for a moment, so enveloped in her work, completely forgot about the trauma of the night previous.
Completely oblivious to the trauma that was coming.....
Part 7, sorry for taking so long to put up.

A little bit of CSI/X-files-style plot action here.

Oh, and just because Amanda was killed her doesn't mean her character is AT ALL retired. She's still one of my favorites and will be showing up a lot in noncanon pieces. I'm considering even a universe dedicated to her after i finish this one.
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Where's part 6?
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show got cancelled :p
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