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The land grew hilly and lush as they passed south of Indianapolis.  Verdi played on the radio, and Caitlin still felt a bit dreamy from her nap early that day.  However, her tails were aching, the weight of her body slowly crushing her extra vertebrae.  This was why she hated cars and for the last twenty minutes she'd been constantly squirming around, her tails asleep, as well as moving them around, to return circulation.  All her squirming also led to her bladder filling, and the two cokes she drank at KFC didn't help either.  Caitlin could feel pain in both her bladders she so called out to her parents,

"Dad, I need to stop."

"Why Caitlin?"

"I got to stretch ... and go." She said the latter coyly.

Her mom turned around annoyed, "Really? We're almost there… 40 minutes?"

"I can't hold it that long."

"Fine, there's a Steak & Shake at the next exit, we'll stop there."


Within four minutes they had pulled off the highway and into the S&S parking lot.  Caitlin jumped out of the car within seconds, her tails still a bit stiff, as she ran through the door.   There were gasps and from the corner of her right eye she could see a waitress almost drop the food she was carrying.  Great... was this going to be the norm these days.... Regardless, she ignored the now awkwardly quiet restaurant and rushed into the woman's room.  She quickly pulled down her pants, unbuttoned the straps on the back of her panties that held them up around her tails, and positioned herself carefully over the toilet.  Both seats were up as she had to hover above the toilet, the bowl just barely wide enough that both urethras could fire in.  Normally when out she only emptied one side at a time, but being in the car led to both being filled up.  There, and rather uncomfortable, her four arms gripping the handicap rails, she let it out, the sound of two streams hitting the water.   It felt great.....

Fortunately, she didn't have to do anything else so she got back up, her lower hands pulled up her panties, followed by her three-trunked blue jeans, tying the straps on both around her tails, which were now refreshed and swaying gently.   Being fairly prehensile, she used the right one to adjust a wedgie she had on the middle buttock as she washed all four of her slender six-fingered hands.

She looked in the mirror; her hair was down, shiny and beautiful as it always was.  Her lazy left eye crossed in, even with her thick black glasses.  Her forked tongue was slightly out, although she largely kept it in her mouth when in public, despite its girth.

Caitlin was out of the restaurant as fast as she came in.  Once again the restaurant froze, some people muttered "what the fuck." but she ignored them.  She considered saying something but it wasn't worth her time.   This wasn't Noblesville anymore; she'd be the center of attention a lot more down here than up north.

Her dad had used the restroom as well, and saw the crowd's reaction, as they continued the drive down to Bloomington he noticed that she was unusually quiet, staring out the window, her giant forked tongue hanging out, so he spoke to her:

"I'm sorry about back there Kate."

"Why are you sorry? It's not your fault.  I'm okay."  She cleared her throat; it was always very thick, as well as sucked in her tongue, ashamedly.  To be honest, she rarely left her hometown besides for sports meets and church camp, so even this level of reaction was a bit much.... it would only be much worse at IU.  Perhaps this was feelings of buyer's remorse.  Whatever.

"Are you sure."

"Yes.  Okay?"  She signed up for this.  The entire frickin point of going off was to prove to her that nothing could stop her.

A bit taken back by her reaction, he quieted himself, "I know you are Kate.  I just worry for you sometimes.  We all do."

"Well don't.  I can handle myself."  Caitlin went back to looking out the window, a bit moody sometimes, she hated how people, her parents included, treated her different just because of her damned limbs.  Her entire life she had to deal with this shit, yet it only made her stronger.

There was a few minutes of awkward silence before her parents tried approaching her again.

"When does practice start?" asked her mom, gently.


"Do you know your roommate?"


"How long will it be?"

"What will?"


"All day." Her eyes were rolled as she answered them.  

"Is there something we did wrong?"

"No.  I'm fine, okay?"

"Caitlin, come on."

"Just let me be for a bit, okay?"

They shut up.  She went back to her thoughts.  Of Jon, of her dream, of the strange sensations she continued to feel from not taking her medicine the other day.  Perhaps it was her period, although it seemed a bit early.   Hopefully she brought enough tampons; she went through them so fast it wasn't even funny.   Caitlin thought of little Luke, his game, his big hugs, oh how she'd miss him.  Then the S&S crowd flashed before her.  To hell with them all.  She made a short prayer and asked God for guidance.

"Dad, I love you."  Caitlin said a few minutes later, having collected herself.

"And your mom?"

"Love you too mom.  I'm sorry; I don't know what got over me.  I'm going to miss y'all."

Her mom paused for a bit to decipher what she said, it sounding largely mumbled to her, and smiled, "Love you too Caitlin, with all my heart."

"And with both of mine..." she joked, they all laughed.

They passed the 'Welcome to Bloomington' sign and her mom pointed it out.  "Get ready Caitlin," pointing the GPS, "we'll be there in 5 minutes, get your shoes on."

She hated wearing shoes, as they never fit right, but regardless she put all three back on, her 18 toes wiggling one last time before she covered them up.

Wiggling in her seat to get her tails comfortable, she looked out at the city; in the distance she could see the giant Football Stadium, and dorms in the distance. It was beautiful, monolithic limestone buildings above a sea of green forest, with gentle hills all around.

"We're going to Briscoe Hall? Correct?"

She checked her papers, "Yep, I sign in there, then we go to the room. I'll need some help taking everything up."

Soon they pulled into the circular driveway in front of the dormitory, and they found a parking spot.  The area was not crowded, as it was still a good month before everyone else moved in.  There were a few other athletes however unpacking their belongings and preparing for summer practice.

As she got out, the inevitable stares happened, but Caitlin had enough composure not to look back.  The football players especially looked, although it was more of out of lustful curiosity at her four breasts, which were still somewhat concealed by a conservative blouse.   She'd have to get use to this, at least for a while, until people got used to her.  As long as no one was too rude to her, she'd be okay.  Together the Illeris walked into the main hall of the dorm, where a table of RAs was positioned to guide students and hand out keys.   They'd been forewarned of her "Condition" by the Cross Country Coach so they smiled as she walked in.

"I'm Caitlin Illeri."  It was no surprise, the moment they saw her they had pulled out her file and keys.

"Here are your Check-in papers, check anything that is damaged.  We'll need insurance, citizenship, and immunization records as well." Her mom promptly handed them a manilla envelope with everything inside.

The chief RA looked at it and checked off on his sheet, "Great, your room is 503, take the elevator to the right."

"Has my roommate checked in?" It came out slurred and indistinct, her forked tongue slightly shown, which was then hidden.


"Has... my... roommate... checked... in?"  She said it slow, slightly annoyed.

The RA looked at his file index, "503... Monica Hoss, no she has not....  Anything else?"  She caught him looking briefly at her four breasts before he turned up to her face.

"No.  I think I am good here."  She turned around and raised her tails in righteous indignation, as the RA whispered something snarly to his colleague.

Perhaps this would be harder than she thought....

It took them a good half hour to bring all of her stuff to her room, although that hardly meant sorting.   That would likely take all night.

"Well Mom and Dad, I'm going to miss you."

"Kate," tears were in her mom's eyes, "You're the greatest gift I could have ever asked for.  I don't know what I'll do without you."

"Probably travel."

That made her mom smile, "You've grown up to be an amazing young woman, I know you'll go far.  Be smart, make good choices, and keep God close.  I know you will.  They embraced, her four arms wrapping around, as they gave each other a kiss.

"Kate doll, you owe me one." smirked her father.  She eagerly hugged him, at nearly 6 foot, a good three inches taller than he, "Call us three times a day, you hear!"

"Four times, and that's a promise."  She kissed him on the cheek, and they hugged for awhile.  Always close, more so than with her mom, she would be quite lost without the men of her life.

"Well.... I'll see you guys in a month or so?"

"We'll be here for your first meet, don't worry." said her mom,

"Who said I am?"

"Your mom." smiled her dad.

"I love you guys so much."  They all went in for a big group hug, her tails drupped in sadness, "Have a safe ride back."

"Call us when you get done packing."

"I will" Caitlin had already begun sorting her clothes as they left, shutting the door behind them.  There were other people's voices in the hall but she did not feel like going out quite yet.

Her pants were hung on hangers in the closet, along with well over two dozen dresses and nice shirts.  Caitlin put her panties, socks, and bras in a drawer, and her shorts and shirts in another.   The sewing machine went in a corner, next to her desk, where her MacBook had been placed.   She turned on iTunes, playing the Christian Rock bands Audio Adrenaline and Jars of Clay.  Her tails wagged to the beat as her lower hands free from work, snapped as well.

Hungry, she opened up some canned food she had brought, eating 8 of them before she was full.  When would her roommate get here?  She looked nice, wearing tight blue jeans, a white blouse with four short sleeves, and only a little top cleavage showing.  The prominent crucifix she always wore was above it all.   Looking at the mirror on the sliding closet door she brushed her long dark brown hair and checked her phone, a brief message from her mom saying she wished her the best.

The room came with a TV so she turned it on, nothing particularly interesting was on but she watched it anyways.

Two hours later there was a noise at the door as it slowly opened.  There was giggling and laughter as a tall dark-skinned girl walked in, talking in the hallway with two friends.  The girl, presumably the roommate, looked up to say hi to Caitlin, extending her hand out.  There was a major look of shock on her face, which the girl tried to hide, not attempting to be rude, but Caitlin had been around long enough she knew exactly what the raised eyebrows meant.  Regardless, the girl seemed nice and she extended her upper right hand to shake the girl's.

"Hi... I'm... Caitlin, Caitlin Illeri" each word was uttered slowly; she hated to repeat herself, which was often.

"Caitlin.... I'm Monica Hoss, umm..." she looked around awkwardly trying to take in her extras without overtly doing so.  Caitlin adjusted her prism-ed glasses so it was easier to make eye contact.  "Where' ya from?"

"Noblesville, Indiana."

"Oh cool, I'm from Fort Wayne.  What high school?"

"Noblesville... Christian Academy"

The girl had good hearing, or either she didn't want to be rude and allude to her speech impediment.

"Ah... I went to Homestead.  I take it your in Cross Country?"  It was pretty obvious; Caitlin's giant trophies and medals were already placed above her desk, which was already filled up.

"Yep... you?"

"Same..  You won the State Championship last year didn't you?"

"What makes you say that?"

Instead of mentioning her limbs, Monica cleverly pointed to the biggest trophy of them all. "Well the ISAA one of course."

"Ah yep that was me. compete?"

"Got 8th."

"I thought.. you... looked familiar."  They both laughed, there was good chemistry here it seemed.

"What are your plans for tonight Caitlin, or do you prefer Kate?"

"...Caitlin, only... my family calls me... Kate.  Umm.... Not... that... I know of.  I... haven't.. really... met... anyone else yet."

"Well, the girls in 509 say that they know of a party on 2nd Street tonight... if you wanna come?"

"I... don't... drink."

"Really?  Oh well you should come anyways."

"Yeah, I may... come... by, I'm... not... a big partier."  Caitlin continued to enunciate carefully as she could, she didn't want to come off on the wrong foot.

"That will change... IU's a big party school."  Monica then saw the giant cross already tacked on the wall and changed her pitch, "well, I don't want to force you.  Just letting you know."

"Thanks.  You... need... help?"

"Umm... Sure."

Caitlin went out in the hallway and easily lifted the heavy objects Monica was struggling before even to move.   "You're a great help.  I'm very lucky to have you as a roomie..." Caitlin gave a small fake smile... the girl was trying, perhaps a bit too hard however."

"No problem."

There was a long while before any one of them said anything anymore, each on minding their own business as they unpacked, but Monica, nervous at her roommate's strange body and worried about the best way to approach it, finally brought it up, indirectly.

"So… are there any medical emergencies I should be umm… prepared for?"

"What do you mean?"

"Uh.. I'm trying to say, do I need to know anything?"

"About what?  Are you referring… to what… I… look like?" She gave her a pissed stare, "Then, no." There was a brief moment of awkwardness.

"I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have said anything…"

"No, don't worry about it, or about me, okay.  Then we're good."

They didn't speak for awhile after that, Monica was on the phone with one of her friends, and Caitlin was busy on her laptop trying to set up the internet so she could skype Jon.

While Monica was briefly out of the room, Caitlin noticed a golden looking DVD hidden under some dresses.  Curious, and a bit nosey, she pulled it out with her slender six-fingered lower right hand; she'd never seen anything like it before.  She almost threw it on the ground in disgust.  On the cover was a pair of nude Latino men, with shockingly a narrow band connected their chests.  Each one had what looked to be two dicks, and were smiling.   There were various side photos of them in naughty positions.  The title was in glossed red, "Red Hot Latino Love, Siamese Twin Edition.  Featuring Alejandro and Jorge Gameraz, the incredible Spanish Duo!"

What filth.....

There was a sound at the door as the knob turned.   Endowed with lightning reflexes, Caitlin stuffed the DVD back where she found it and jumped back to her bed, where she looked quite innocent.

"Oh hey."

"Hi... who was... that?"

"Oh my girlfriend Erica."

"Girl..friend?... Oh."

"She's very nice." Caitlin didn't know what to say, she'd never met a lesbian, or bisexual for that matter, but she sure as hell knew what God felt.

Abomination.  And then there were her own urges, so strong as of late... must repress.

Must repress.   
I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:
And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God.
Job, 19. 25
Chapter 5
Original Plot has been split in two.

Sorry for taking so long to post this, been busy.


EDIT: I just want to say that Caitlin's views are not my own at all. See her narrow-mindedness as a character flaw. This sort of thing makes her 3-dimensional.

Thank you.
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Her story is interesting!:iconilavplz:
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Aw, she's a homophobe. That makes her 20% less cool.

Oh well, part of the character. and good story so far. carry on.
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Things will change... :)
somethingelse77 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Just a disclaimer: caitlins views are NOT my own. If anything they should be seen as flaws to her own character.
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