Phoenix Rising

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Blood spills throughout this dark plain,
            As skulls continue to rise up a tower’s crane,
The vermillion bird falls from the sky,
            Where into dust it’ll disappear into pry.

The flames of distrust have been extinguished,
            As the bird's heart fights to distinguish,
Rising up from the dust, as it readies insurrection,
            Waiting for the moment of its dire resurrection.

The vermillion bird rises up from the dust,
            Awaiting for a movement beyond the day’s dusk
As it spans its wings over the dark shadows,
            Its light shining over the sleepy hollows.

As dream fades, with the phoenix rising…

The bird flaps its wings with intense fashion,
            Its heart pounding into fiery passion,
As the vermillion bird ascends into heaven’s grace,
            Burning the tower with its flame ablaze.

Where the phoenix rises from the tower’s falls,
            Beseeching the birds in flight, soundly it calls…

Towards a solemn revolution against the heavens,
            Usurping the power of hundreds of bodies heathens,
Where the four gods sit, at top of the tower,
            As the vermillion bird will rise up to power.
Do you believe in the rebirth?

Originally I wasn't supposed to write about a phoenix. I thought about fiery passion at first, then suddenly I had a vision of a phoenix rising from the ashes, after that I remembered reading the Quest Tower in *RawEm0tion. So there, I wrote this poem about the death and resurrection of the Vermillion Bird soaring high over the tower of the four gods, guided by its ever fiery heart. Not my best, but it's worth the 10 points (I hope?). LOL!

Quest #1: Write a poem or story that includes the following items: a bird, a heart, a tower.

Written at EDRC (DLSU-Manila)
January 17, 2008

Preview by ~WhiteRaven90 [link]
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Can I have permission to reuse the image for a book I'm writing titled Phoenix blood?