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On Saturday, while all the other students where out and about relaxing, hanging out with friends, and having fun. I was out in the forever falls forest, training my semblance. I wanted to make it stronger, as much as I may hate it, I have to admit it's a useful semblance to have. I know that one day it will save my life, and I want to be able to use it as best I can. At the moment I have control of five beowolves, and am making them fight other grim. It requires all of my concentration too do this, so I leave myself vulnerable to being attacked from behind. Which is part of why I want to train it, if I can learn to control them passively while still being able to fight myself, I could do so much more, BE so much more. I had been at it for a few hours now, and controlling the grim took a lot out of me. I was beginning to feel tired, so after the grim I was controlling killed off the grim they were fighting, I turned them on each other and all of them were killed except one beowolf. I pulled out my weapon and pressed a button on the side extending it out from it's travel form into a spear. I effortlessly take down the lone grim before making my way back too Beacon to shower and grab some breakfast. I pull out my scroll and look at the time.

Y/n: "Only 9:30 huh?" I ask myself aloud. I head back to my dorm and sit there by myself for the rest of the day. I then repeat this process Sunday morning, waking up at 6:30 and heading into the forest and training for several hours before returning to Beacon. Around noon I hear someone knocking on my door. So I go and open it, finding Blake standing there. "Hey Blake, you need something?"

Blake: "Hey (y/n), my team and I are going down to Vale to have lunch, I was wondering if you want to come with us?"

Y/n: "That sounds like fun... but I'm gonna have to pass." 

Blake: "Why?"

Y/n: "Come on, you saw how your team reacted to me the other day. They are scared of me, if I went it wouldn't be any fun for anyone. Besides, I don't care much for public venues, for obvious reasons."

Blake: "You'll be with us though, so people will leave you alone an-" 

Y/n: "I appreciate the offer Blake, but I'm not going, sorry." I would like too go in all honesty, but I know if I did it would just be awkward for the others on her team. Plus I already know how it would go if I went out in public and people realized who I was.

-Blake's POV-

 I let out a sigh as I look towards my team, who had been standing out of sight of (y/n) during our conversation. 

Ruby: "He... he didn't go because of us?" 

Blake: "Of course he didn't, he knows none of you want him there. I bet he doesn't have anyone besides me who will even talk to him." 

Yang: "Come on Blake, I think your exaggerating. He must have some friends here, what about his team?" 

Weiss: "The team he was assigned to dropped out when they found out who he was."

Yang: "Wait, so he just sits there by himself all day?" 

Blake: "Yeah, because of people like you who treat him like a monster without knowing him." I look back at (y/n)'s door, feeling sad for him, knowing what it's like to be an outcast because of things you can't control.

-3rd pesron POV-

An hour later knocking could be heard on (y/n)'s door once again, he goes and speaks as he opens it.

Y/n: "Blake, I already told you I'm not-..... Cinder." Standing before him was Cinder Fall.

Cinder: "It's been awhile (Y/n)." 

Y/n: "What do you want?" He demands, now on guard. 

Cinder: "For you to agree to join us, your mother misses you very much." 

Y/n: "That... thing is NOT my mother." 

Cinder: "You had best be careful how you speak of our queen. I will only warn you once."

Y/n: "I want nothing too do with any of you, especially her. I know she's responsible for what happened... to my team." 

Cinder: "It was unfortunate, but you were warned. Yet you defied us, and thus they had to lose their lives." 

Y/n: "They were innocent!" 

Cinder: "Yes, they were, but what of the people who think you were responsible? The humans who hate you, ridicule you, made you an outcast because of your gift? If you join us, you can have anything and everything you have ever desired. Respect, power, women." She put emphasis on that last word, as she looked him up and down with a grin on her face, taking a step towards him. She cupped his cheek in her hand "What would it take to convince you to join us, to join me?" She asks, a seductive tone to her voice. He slaps her hand away. 

Y/n: "Why should I even consider joining you? Just so my 'mother' can dispose of me after I served my purpose just like she did my father? No thanks." 

Cinder: "My sweet dear (y/n), I would never let anything happen too you." She got closer too him, leaning towards him in an attempt to kiss him, trying to win him over. (y/n)'s pupils became slits as he snarled at her. Bearing fangs that suddenly replaced a number of teeth in his mouth as his fingers turned into claws. 

Y/n: "Leave." He slammed the door, forcing himself back to normal, while he says quietly to himself "Have to stay in control. I won't be another one of her puppets."

-Your POV-

The following day I was sitting in combat class, the last class of the day, when I was selected too fight, against Cardin Winchester. I was bored and indifferent, not really caring. I went down to the locker room and changed out of my uniform into my combat attire, consisting of a white T-shirt and (f/c) shorts, along with two bandoleers of shotgun shells around my chest, as I hook my weapon in it's travel form to my belt. I then walk out to the arena where my opponent is already waiting. I stand across from him and crack my neck. 

Cardin: "The monster isn't so tough without his friends to back him up now is he?" I grab my weapon off my belt and extend it into a spear, taking up a combat stance as I look at him with a bored expression. 

Y/n: "We gonna do this? Or you gonna just keep trying to egg me on." My mind was elsewhere at the moment, still thinking about that visit from Cinder, I hated my mother, and anyone who had anything to do with her. 'Why now?' I didn't even realize the match had started until I saw Cardin charge at me, he swung his mace down at me from above his head, but I effortlessly jumped back to dodge it, then thrusted at him with my spear, catching an un-armored area of his shoulder. He smacks my spear to the side and closes the distance again, making it impossible to use my spear to attack. He swings from the left and I block with the shaft of my spear, and despite him being much bigger than me, I hold his weapon in place, and begin to push him back, much to his and the audiences surprise. I push him back, and press a button on my spear that breaks it apart into two short swords. I then charge him, slashing wildly from every direction, the speed and unpredictability of my attacks leaving him unable to defend himself, as I quickly whittle away his aura. Before I finish the fight however I sweep his legs with my foot, causing him to fall onto his back. I then stand on his chest too keep him from getting back up, reforming my weapon back to a spear. I lift it above his head and it appears to the others that I'm going to kill him.

Goodwitch: "Mr. (L/n) that's eno-" She can't finish her sentence as I bring the spear down, embedding it in the ground a few inches away from Cardin's head, leaving him paralyzed in fear. 

Y/n: "Pathetic, how did you manage to get into this school? You'll just wind up getting yourself killed." I condense my spear back into travel mode, hooking it back onto my belt. Turning and walking back towards the locker room. Thinking the match was over until I hear someone up in the stands shout.

???: "Behind you!"  I turn around just in time to catch the flanged head of Cardin's mace with my hand as it cut into my flesh. To think he would fight with cheap dirty tactics like this... I tighten my grip on his weapon, only cutting myself deeper, as I pull him towards me, giving him a vicious  right hook too the jaw, depleting his remaining aura and knocking him out cold. I let go of his weapon and it drops too the floor. I look at my hand as it keeps bleeding, with no sign of it healing. I let out a sigh before continuing to the locker room. I bandage up my hand before leaving, not seeing any point in returning too the class after that since it was almost over anyways. As I walk back to my dorm I hear Blake behind me.

Blake: "(Y/n)!" I stop and turn around, giving her a little wave with my wounded hand. "Why did you bandage your hand? Why not just let your aura fix it?"

Y/n: "Well... You see my aura doesn't heal my wounds, it can only protect me from receiving them. So since I got caught by surprise with that cheap shot, I didn't have time to use my aura to protect myself." She grabbed my hand and undid the bandage "What are you doing?" She let's out a sigh of relief.

Blake: "Well, it doesn't seem like it will need stitches, but you did a terrible job with this."

Y/n: "Kind of hard to do with one hand."  She giggles at this.

Blake: "True, here, let me." She takes the bandages off completely and redresses my wound, the bandage wrapped much tighter, and resting more comfortably than before. "Better?" 

Y/n: "Much, thank you." She gives me a small smile. 

Blake: "We are all going to the library after class to do some research for Obleck's project, do you maybe want to join us?"

Y/n: "You know what, sure. Why not, I could use some help." 

Blake: "Great! I'll let the others know you'll be there." She runs off to go meet up with her team. I appreciate her trying to make me feel welcomed, but when it's just her acting that way it won't change anything. If she knew what I was, and I mean what I truly was, she wouldn't come near me ever again.

I had met up with team RWBY in the library fifteen minutes later, three of the girls were sitting at a table with a stack of books, while their team leader was nowhere too be seen. I decide to go look for some books to help me complete the project and to my surprise I see Ruby trying to scale one of the shelves, it was amusing too watch, until I see the case start tipping.

Y/n: "Watch out!" I rush to her as she falls off the bookcase with it coming down on her. I catch her in one arm, using my other arm to prop up the bookcase and keep it from falling on us both. A few hard cover books falling off it and hitting me in the head. "Ow..." I look down at Ruby, "You ok red?" She nods her head, and after pushing the bookcase back up I set her down on the ground. Just as her team come running. 

Yang: "Ruby!" She hit's Ruby on the top of the head "What did I tell you about climbing that thing!?" 

Ruby: "I'm sorry ok! I thought it would be fine!" She says, covering her head where she was just hit by the blonde. I couldn't help but start laughing at their interaction.

Y/n: "HAHAHAHAHA! Your a couple of dorks!" 

Yang: "Hey! I am not a dork!" Once I stop laughing I look down to see Ruby standing in front of me, looking a bit sad.

Ruby: "Thanks for helping me just now (Y/n), and uhm... I wanted to apologize for how i acted when we first met. So, I'm sorry. I hope we can be friends." She gave me a bright smile beaming with childlike innocence. I smile back at her.

Y/n: "It's alright Ruby, and yes, we can be friends." I pat her on the head. 

Yang: "I want to apologize too. I shouldn't have just believed the stories about you when I didn't even know you. If you were anything like those stories said, you wouldn't have helped my sister." I look between her and Ruby confused.

Blake: "They're half sisters." 

Y/n: "Oh, well now that makes much more sense." I look at all of them "I forgive you girls, I can't blame you for being terrified of a 'monster' like me. So let's just put all that behind us and start over, alright?" 

RWY: "Alright." The three girls say in unison. 'Maybe my time here won't be so bad after all.' 

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