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When I open my eyes, I notice it's daytime now instead of night, and I'm greeted by four familiar faces. 

Blake: "Your awake... We need to talk." 

Y/n: "Are you girls alright then?" She nods her head. Her three teammates standing behind her.

Blake: "Are you gonna tell us what that was last night." 

Y/n: "I'm not sure what you mean." I say, trying to play dumb, though they saw through it easily.

Weiss: "Don't try that, the alpha beowolf. When we found you, you had the same wounds as the Alpha did."

Y/n: "What Alpha?" I don't want them too find out, I just have to hope I can be convincing enough that they will believe me. Blake sits on the bed beside me, and I look at her.

Blake: "Last night, when the doctors were operating on you, they told us your wounds started healing, black smoke coming out of your body just like a grim when they die. We convinced them it was part of your semblance, but it's not. Is it?" 

Y/n: "Please... Don't do this." 

Blake: "(Y/n), we're your friends, you can trust us with whatever it is your hiding."

Y/n: "I know your my friends, but... I..." I look away from them all. I feel someone's hands wrap around one of mine, holding it. 

Blake: "Please, just talk to me." She begs me, her voice soft, I can feel her moving closer to me on the bed. "You protected me last night, that much I know." 

Y/n: "I'm... I'm not the same as you girls..." 

Yang: "What do you mean?"

Y/n: "I mean I'm not... human." 

Ruby: "So your a faunas like Blake?"

Y/n: "Huh? No, I'm not a- Wait! Blake's a faunas!?" I look at her, surprised by that. "Nevermind, that doesn't matter, and no I'm not a faunas."

Weiss: "Well if your not a faunas, and your not human, then what are you." 

Y/n: "You know, you girls have only ever seen the real me twice..." 

Blake: "What do you mean?" 

Y/n: "Last night, under the overpass, and the other night in the forest... Those were the only two times you girls have seen the REAL me... do you all understand now?" They had a look of shock on their faces. I look away from them.

Blake: "(Y/n)..." I feel her moving closer, a hand being placed on my cheek,  but I pull away, getting off the bed and backing towards the wall away from them, looking at the ground. 

Y/n: "A monster among men... a devil in disguise..." I look at them, letting out a sigh. "A grim wearing human skin... All things people have said about me, and even though they may not realize it. They were right on the mark."

Blake: "You were the Alpha?" 

Y/n: "No, I AM the alpha. This, what you see here, isn't real."

Weiss: "But how is that even possible?! If you were a grim you would be attacking us."

Y/n: "I don't know why I'm like this, but I know I just want to be someone... Not something... but now that you all know my secret, I'll be all alone again." I turn around, leaning my hands against a window frame to prop myself up, as I stare out the window at the school grounds outside. "Not that I could blame you girls, who would want anything to do with a monster like me?" I didn't even hear anyone walk up behind me, but I feel arms wrap around my chest from behind, as one of the girls embraced me tightly in a hug. 

Blake: "You won't be alone, I'm still here for you." I hear the others chime in too.

Ruby: "Regardless of what you might be (Y/n), your still our friend."

Yang: "Yeah, we know now your not a bad guy."

Weiss: "I'll admit, I'm shocked to find out about your... secret, but you protected us all last night, even almost dying to protect Blake. That doesn't seem like the actions of a monster, but of our friend." I can feel tears rolling down my cheeks, these girls are unbelievable. I take a ragged breath, trying to force myself to not cry.

Y/n: "Thank you girls, thank you so much... You don't know how much hearing those words means to me... I've only ever wanted to be accepted by people, but all my life I've only ever been outcast, and rejected. Hated for what I was, and what I could do."

Blake: "We will never reject you, or hate you, or make you an outcast, and even if the whole world is against you. I know that at the very least I will stand by you." I hear her say softly right into my ear, as she places her chin on my shoulder.

Yang: "We're gonna get going so you can get some rest. We will come visit you again later today alright?" 

Y/n: "Sounds good." I hear the others leave, but Blake is still hugging me, her grip not loosening up in the slightest. "Blake?" I manage to turn around, and she's looking up at me with those big beautiful amber eyes. "Aren't you gonna go with your team." 

Blake: "I will, there's just something I need to do first." She leaned closer to me, her face slowly inching closer to mine, seemingly waiting for some sign of approval from me. My heart was racing, and I could tell my face was flushed red from how hot I was feeling. I swallow the lump in my throat, and just go for it, suddenly slamming my lips against hers, taking her by surprise and gaining a cute little yelp as she jumped slightly, but she soon kissed back, pressing against my chest, making me lean back against the wall as she wrapped her arms around my neck, and I wrapped mine around her waist. We would have kept going, but someone comes and interrupts us.

Yang: "WHOO! Go Blake!" Blake jumps back away from me.

Blake: "Yang!" She chases her blonde haired teammate out of the room and down the hallway, shouting at her "Yang Xaio Long get back here!" While I was left a blushing mess, unable to move from the spot I was in. My mind unable to figure out what just happened.

Y/n: "Wow." 

-Time skip-

A week had passed since I had told team RWBY my secret, and nothing had changed between us, except for Blake and me becoming a couple. Some other people who had seen the girls hanging out and getting along with me started warming up too me as well, such as the members of team JNPR, as well as a few other first year students. Though over the week I had become more and more worried about Blake, she was a mess. She didn't sleep she hardly ate, and every minute of free time she had she was using worrying about the white fang, when there wasn't anything she could do about it. The girls had planned to do some sort of a dance next Saturday, but Blake had no intentions of going, saying it "was a waste of time". Right now I was sitting alone with her in her dorm room. I had an arm wrapped around her shoulder and she is leaning against me as we sit on her bed. 

Blake: "How can they be so calm?"

Y/n: "Excuse me?"

Blake: "The white fang, Torchwick, all of this! My team is acting like it doesn't even matter while they are still out there planning who knows what!" 

Y/n: "Ssshhhh. I get it, and I'm sure they are worried too, but we don't have any idea where to start looking. So what good does it do us to worry ourselves to death about it when we can't do anything at the moment?" 

Blake: "You sound just like them!" She tries to pull away but I keep my grip on her. 

Y/n: "Blake, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?" 

Blake: "What?" 

Y/n: "Cause everytime I look at you, I can't help but be worried about you. You look like you haven't slept in a week, you hardly eat, you've become obsessed with this. You need to rest, before you kill yourself. Besides, you can't think straight if your this tired, and that won't do you any good in our search." When I say that she looks at me in surprise.

Blake: "Our?"

Y/n: "Yeah, I'm gonna help you. But I need you to do something for me first." She let's out a sigh.

Blake: "Alright, what is it?"

Y/n: "Get some sleep, and something to eat. I want you to take care of yourself Blake." She nods her head and leans into my chest, nuzzling her face against me.

Blake: "Will you stay here at least?" 

Y/n: "Sure thing. Now get some sleep." I lay her down on the bed and sit beside her. She holds her arms out towards me, looking at me expectantly. "What?"

Blake: "You know what, come here. I demand snuggles." 

Y/n: "You demand snuggles huh?" She nods her head. "Alright weirdo." I say playfully. She just rolls her eyes as I lay beside her and she wraps her arms around me, pulling herself against me and snuggling with me. "Happy?" She nods her head, as I hear her muffled voice from talking into my chest."

Blake: "Yes."

Y/n: "So I haven't asked because it's not a big deal, but I am curious. What kind of faunas are you?" I get no answer. "Blake? Are you already asleep?" She shakes her head no.

Blake: "I just... You don't care that I'm a faunas right?"

Y/n: "Really? Why would I care what you are? Look at me." 

Blake: "Because a lot of people hate the faunas." 

Y/n: "No Blake, I do not hate the faunas, especially not you, and besides I love you just the way you are." 

Blake: "...How can you say that word so easily?"

Y/n: "What word?" 

Blake: "The 'L' Word." 

Y/n: "Oh, so your one of those kind of girls huh?" I pull back from her, getting a confused looked from my girlfriend. "Blake, I love you~" I say in a sing songy voice, as her face turns even redder than Ruby's cape.

Blake: "Stop that!" I can't help but laugh at how she's acting, finding it very cute. "Stop teasing me, jerk."

Y/n: "Aww, I'm sorry Blake, I didn't mean to upset you, but trust me. I'm gonna do something to make it up to you and then some."

Blake: "Huh? Like what?"

Y/n: "You will just have to wait and see. Now get some sleep." She nods and a few minutes later she's fast asleep. A couple of hours pass by before I get up, letting Blake keep sleeping. I leave the dorm shutting the door behind me as quietly as I can, as I see the rest of team RWBY coming. "Hey girls." 

Ruby: "Hey (Y/n)!"

Yang: "What were you doing in our room just now? Maybe getting it on with Blake?" She nudges me with her elbow and I smirk while pushing her playfully.

Y/n: "No, nothing like that. I actually got her to fall asleep. So be quiet when you go in." 

Yang: "How did you manage that? We've been trying all week with no success."

Y/n: "Because I'm special." I joke. "Anyways, see you girls tomorrow." 

Ruby: "Night."

Yang: "Night big guy." 

Weiss: "Goodnight (Y/n)." 

Y/n: "Goodnight you three." I head to the locker room to grab my weapon before heading down too Vale.

After hours of searching I finally find what I'm looking for. I spot a group of white fang breaking into a dust shop, loading dust into the back of a truck.

W.F: "Hurry up! We have seven minutes before the police respond to the silent alarm."

Y/n: "Then I guess that means I better hurry up too." They all spin around at the new voice, but quickly find themselves knocked down and restrained. "So, here's how this is gonna go, you three are gonna answer my questions, and then I'll let the police have you."

W.F: "What makes you think we'll talk human?!"  I grin, changing partially making my teeth turn into fangs, and my eyes change to be more grim like. 

Y/n: "Who said I was human?" 

W.F: "Y-your him aren't you? That monster." 

Y/n: "That's right. So I suggest if you value your lives you will answer my questions."

W.F: "We'll tell you whatever you want to know!" 

It didn't take long to get the answers I was looking for, and just in time too. As I could hear police sirens approaching. I look at the tied up white fang.

Y/n: "Now, if anyone asks how you ended up like this, what are you going to tell them?"

W.F: "Th-that it was some huntsmen, we won't say a word about you!" 

Y/n: "Good." Having what I came for I quickly flee the area, making my way back to Beacon. Going to my dorm and heading to bed. In the morning I head to the RWBY dorm, seeing the girls watching the news, which was currently talking about the attempted robbery by the white fang last night.

Reporter: "Though there are no leads as to who the huntsmen was who apprehended the white fang, the Vale police department has extended it's thanks in the hopes that whoever was responsible is watching this.

Y/n: "Wow, they did keep their mouths shut, I guess I really do strike fear into people." Blake looked away from the screen to me

Blake: "What do you mean?" I gesture to the screen.

Y/n: "Those three. Found them breaking into a dust shop last night. Stopping them was easy enough, they just needed a little... convincing to talk."

Blake: "You went searching for the white fang by yourself!?"

Y/n: "Calm down, I was careful. Besides, I got a possible lead on Torchwick." She seemed to perk up at this.

Blake: "Really?! Where!?" She practically leapt on me bolting from her seat to right in front of me, grabbing me by the shoulders. 

Y/n: "Calm down, I'll tell you, after you attend the dance with me."

Blake: "What?" 

Y/n: "You are going to be going to the dance with me. You need some time to relax, enjoy yourself. Then we can take down Torchwick." She seemed irritated by my response, but before she could say anything in protest I continue speaking. "Nothing you say will change my mind, your far too stressed and on edge to be any use in an investigation, let alone a fight, but I promise I will tell you what I know after the dance ok?" She let's out a sigh, resting her head on my shoulder. 

Blake: "Fine, I'll go to the dance with you." Suddenly I get pulled back, and see Yang was the culprit.

Yang: "Hey, I need to borrow your boyfriend for a few minutes."

Blake: "Uhm, ok?" I find myself being dragged out of the room by the energetic blonde. 

-Blake's POV-

I could hear muffled voices from the other side of the door, then (Y/n)'s voice, as he was almost shouting.

Y/n: "No way Yang! I'm not doing that!" More muffled talking "I don't care if Jaune and Ren already agreed to help or not!" Yet more muffled talking, and then silence. They both came back in and if (Y/n)'s expression was anything to go by he wasn't happy. 

Blake: "What was that all about."

Yang: "Oh, you'll see~" 

Y/n: "Don't ask... I can't believe you would play that card Yang, not cool."

Yang: "Well it was the only way I was gonna get you to agree." 

Y/n: "I hate you sometimes, you know that?" 

-Time skip-

It was the night of the dance and I was going to meet up with (Y/n) at his dorm, since Yang had went to help him get ready after she had gotten dressed. Claiming she wanted to cut his hair, though he was defiant of the idea at first, she convinced him to let her, saying she cut Ruby's all the time so she knew what she was doing. I knock on his door, with Yang being the one too open it, I see (Y/n) standing behind her looking at a mirror on the wall as he fastens his bow tie, his hair cut was sharp, and fit him well. Plus he looked very handsome in the tux, I could feel my cheeks heating up a little bit. 

Yang: "He cleans up nice doesn't he?"

Blake: "Yeah he does." He looks over at hearing my voice, and I can see a faint pink dust his cheeks as he looks me up and down. 

Y/n: "You look beautiful Blake." Hearing that brings a smile to my face.

Blake: "Thank you. You look good yourself." (Y/n) links one of his arms with mine.

Y/n: "Shall we?" I nod, and the three of us head too the dance, once we get there I see Jaune walking in with a guitar, and Ren with some drumsticks 'Huh, that's odd.' Yang walks in front of (y/n) and faces him.

Yang: "Remember what we talked about?" He let's out a sigh.

Y/n: "Yeah, yeah. Let's get this over with. Though I only see this ending badly. I'll be right back Blake." He kisses me on the cheek and heads up to a stage where Ren was setting up a drum set, and Jaune was readying a guitar, there was a microphone stand on stage as well, but there was nobody at it. That's when (Y/n) stepped on stage and grabbed the microphone. 

Blake: "Oh for the love of... Yang!" My teammate jumps at me yelling her name. "Is this what you were trying to make him do?" 

Yang: "Uh... maybe?" 

Blake: "Why? You know almost everyone at the school hates him." 

Yang: "Don't worry, I have that covered." Though sure enough, when the three on stage were setting up and people started noticing (y/n), a good number of people started to leave. Though somehow Yang managed to convince them to stay and just give him a chance. By this point they had finished setting up on stage and all eyes in the room were on them, silently watching.

Blake: "What song is he playing anyways?"

Yang: "I don't know, he said he would only do it if I let him choose." (Y/n) walked up to the mic stand, and looked back at the other two, who gave him a nod signalling they were ready.

Y/n: "One. Two. One, two, three, four." With that Jaune and Ren starting playing, while (y/n) stood there waiting, bobbing his head to the side along with the beat.

-Your POV-

Y/n: 'Here we go....' "I can't escape this hell... So many times I've tried.... but I'm still caged inside. Somebody get me through this nightmare, I can't control myself. 

So what if you can see, the darkest side of me, no one will ever change this animal I have become. Help me believe, it's not the real me, somebody help me tame this anniimmal." I find Blake in the crowd of people, and keep my eyes locked on her. "This animal. This animal. I can't escape myself, so many times I've lied, but there's still rage inside. Somebody get me through this nightmare, I can't control myself. So what if you can see, the darkest side of me. No one will ever change th-" I suddenly get hit in the face with a glass of punch that goes all over my face and clothes. A number of people in the crowd gasp or look on in silence. With one group laughing hysterically. It was none other than Cardin and his team. I put the mic back, and walk off stage. Trying to keep my calm, I walk too leave and have Blake stop me 

Blake: "(Y/n) are you ok?" 

Y/n: "I'm fine, but your gonna have to go dance with Yang or something." 

Blake: "What? Don't tell me your going to leave because of that." I look at her, and she lets out a barely audible gasp, probably noticing my eyes had changed. 

Y/n: "I would like to stay Blake, but I can't. I have to go, I'll see you later alright?" She just nods her head, I can see a few tears rolling down her cheeks. She must have really been looking forward to tonight, it broke my heart seeing her crying because I was leaving, but if I stayed I would seriously hurt people, if they were lucky. I leave the dance, and as I make my way to the forest I'm stopped by a familiar voice.

Cinder: "So it's true then..." 

First: The Beast pt. 1

Next: The Beast pt. 6
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