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I had rampaged through the forest all night, and the entire following day, killing everything in my path as  I released months of built up anger. I'm lucky the girls hadn't found me any later than they did, otherwise I probably would have been too far gone and attacked them as well. When Blake had approached me like she did I was surprised to say the least. I didn't want to hurt her so I had tried to make that as clear as I could, but I couldn't show them it was me. I can only hope they didn't see me change. I must have killed a few hundred grim before heading back to Beacon, covered in dozens of cuts and scratches due to how recklessly I had been fighting. I grabbed a shower and a bite to eat, getting looks from everyone I passed. I arrived to my first class a few minutes early and immediately hear someone calling out my name. 

Weiss: "(Y/n)! Where have you been? You had us all... worried." Her and the others notice all the wounds on my body.

Blake: "What happened to you?" Before I could answer them the professor walked into the room. 

Port: "Ah, Mr. (L/n), glad to see you decided to join us today. Professor Ozpin wants to speak to you immediately." I left the classroom and went to Ozpin's office. Upon entering Ozpin looks up from some paperwork on his desk.

Ozpin: "Mr. (L/n), good to see you have returned in one piece, judging by your current state I take it your absence was eventful?"

Y/n: "Very."

Ozpin: "I have some questions for you. You see the night before last team RWBY followed you into the forest, where they claimed to have encountered an Alpha beowolf that wasn't hostile towards them. It even allowed one of the girls to approach it and touch it, something tells me you were involved." I start to get a little nervous. 'How much does he know?'

Y/n: "Well that does sound odd, but I don't know what to tell you, I never saw team RWBY that night." I say shrugging my shoulders, hoping to convince him.

Ozpin: "Is that so? Tell me, does the name 'Salem' sound familiar?" At the mention of that name I flinch, and this didn't go unnoticed, as his pleasant and friendly demeanor becomes much more serious. "Sit down, we need to have a talk." I let out a long sigh before sitting across from him at his desk.

Y/n: "What do you want to know?"

Ozpin: "Just who are you really? There is no (F/n) (L/n) in any database anywhere." 

Y/n: "Not who Professor... what. I truly don't know. My name is just something I made up to try and blend in."

Ozpin: "How do you know Salem."

Y/n: "You know.... She told me about you, that I should never trust you, that you would kill me in an instant... Though I think that was another one of her lies. I know about you, the maidens, why you protect them, and even about your curse..." His eyes widened in shock. "Though I don't really care about all of those things, and I don't think you will actually kill me, and if you do... Well then so be it. To answer your question that.... demon, is my mother, and I use that term very loosely."

Ozpin: "You are her son?" 

Y/n: "Unfortunately. That's why I have such a unique gift, but it's also a curse... possessing such a power, people become frightened of you, they come to hate you, they make stories about you to turn you into a monster..." 

Ozpin: "Your only a monster if you let yourself be. Don't let others lies turn you into what they portray you as. Because from what I've seen you are far from a monster."

Y/n: "You have no idea just how wrong you are." 

Ozpin: "What do you mean?"

Y/n: "That Alpha beowolf they found in the forest, it wasn't my doing, it WAS me, the real me... That's what I truly am." 

Ozpin: "How can that be possible, if you are a creature of grim, then why are you like this?"

Y/n: "Because I wasn't created like the grim are. I was born, I have a soul, I have a will. Not that it matters in the end though."

Ozpin: "Of course it does. If you have a soul then that means you are just as much of a person as anyone at this school."

Y/n: "But I am still a grim inherently. I'm prone to violent outbursts, and when they happen, nobody around me is safe. I've learned to control it to an extent, keep my rage suppressed for a while, and when I know I'm close to my breaking point I try to go somewhere isolated and let loose. I kill anything and everything in my path without a second though, grim, wildlife, people... I keep going until I work out all of the anger, all the aggression, all the hate."

Ozpin: "Is that why you went into the forest the other night?" I nod my head.

Y/n: "I don't want to be a part of your war. I just want to live my life the way I choose to, I don't want to be anyone's pawn, soldier, or tool. I just want to be me. I want to have friends, I want to be happy, I want to.... love.." I whisper the last word. "Though I may not be human, I'm not your enemy professor, I despise the grim, and Salem as much as you do. They took people from me I cared about, but that doesn't mean I will take your side. I know I don't stand a chance against her and her forces. I won't be a part of your game of chess, though if it comes to a point where I have to fight to protect what I care about, then you can bet your ass I will fight with everything I have, until my body is battered and broken and I draw my last breath."

Ozpin: "I will take your word for that. One final question, if you don't consider yourself human, and you despise the grim I can safely assume you don't consider yourself that either. So what are you then?"

Y/n: "You know, I've asked myself that question for years, and I still don't have a solid answer for it." He chuckles at that.

Ozpin: "Well, you should have those wounds looked at before you return to class." 

Y/n: "What wounds?" I ask coyly, a smirk on my face. As black smoke escapes from all the cuts on my body briefly as they close up. "I'm perfectly fine."

Ozpin: "You are a very interesting young man." 

Y/n: "I'll take that as a compliment." With that I'm excused and head back to class. When I get there I see the only open spot in the room is beside Blake, which is fine by me. I sit beside her and she looks at me.

Blake: "What happened to your wounds?" She asks quietly, not wanting to get the teachers attention. I shrug.

Y/n: "No idea, guess I must heal fast." I whisper back to her. As the class continues I hear the girls whispering about hunting down the white fang after school tonight. 'Hmm, interesting.' 

-Time skip-

That night I followed Blake and some monkey faunas to a old warehouse where I saw a lot of faunas gathering. 'Well now, what's going on here?' I think to myself, I climb to the top of a nearby building and watch, Blake and her friend completely unaware of my being here. Not long after they entered the building they bust through a window and run down the street, followed moments later by a large mech that smashed through the walls. I leap across the rooftops, barely managing to keep up. As the chase ends up on the highway I see a motorcycle with Yang and a blue haired boy on it following behind the mech. Seeing the amount of people in danger I decide to jump in and try to stop it. I jump from the top of the building, landing on the side of the mech. Just as the monkey faunas and the blue haired boy get smacked off the side of the highway. 

Y/n: "Tough break." I hear Blake shouting over the sounds of everything else going on. 

Blake: "(Y/n) what are you doing here?!" I look in front of the mech and see her looking back at me. I don't bother responding, instead grabbing my weapon in it's shotgun form, climbing on top of it and firing point blank into the top of the cockpit area. The response of whoever was inside was to grab me off the top, smash me into the highway several times, and throw me off the highway as I crash into a building and break through the wall, rolling to a stop in a hallway. Once I shake myself off and get my bearings straight I jump out the hole in the wall that I caused, looking for the mech, spotting it fighting team RWBY below the highway. I know my aura must be weak at this point, and I'm afraid the girls can't take it alone. So I take the risk, and change. 

-3rd person POV-

The fight dragged on and the girls were getting beaten back by Torchwick in his mech. 

Roman: "Face it! You don't stand a chance! Now your all gonna die a bunch of wannabe heroes!" He swung a robotic fist at Blake, who was currently on the ground and too battered to move.

Ruby: "Blake no!" Before the punch could land however, the alpha beowolf the girls encountered the other night leapt in, sinking it's teeth into the mechs arm, as Roman began trying to shake it off, punching it in the side trying to make it let go.

Roman: "Where the hell did you come from!?" With the combination of being punched repeatedly by a giant robot, and being constantly electrocuted by what was essentially a massive electrical circuit, the beast was forced to let go, smoke coming off it from having been severely electrocuted. It growled and snarled at Torchwick, standing between him and the members of team RWBY. As Blake's partner was helping her up off the ground she saw what the Alpha was doing.

Yang: "Is it... protecting us? Blake, did you make a new friend without telling us?"

Blake: "This is really not the time for jokes Yang." The rest of team regroup. 

Weiss: "What's the plan?" 

Ruby: "Let one of them take out the other and take down whichever ones left. 

Blake: "No! That Beowolf is helping us!"

Ruby: "I know Blake, but it's still a grim, we can't let it roam around in the city." 

Blake: "But it came just to help us!" 

Ruby: "... Fine, here's the plan." Meanwhile the Alpha charged at Torchwick, head butting the mech knocking it back into one of the highways support columns. Roman punches it across the face, cutting it up around it's eye. It slashes it's claws at the damaged arm, managing to tear it off entirely. 

Roman: "You damn oversized mutt!" He shouts, pushing the Alpha off and knocking it to the floor, stomping on it's chest repeatedly. Suddenly Yang comes flying in over the Alpha's head having been slingshotted by her team, smashing her fist into the mech, breaking it into pieces, making Roman tumble across the ground before coming to a stop. While team RWBY tried to apprehend Roman the Alpha limped away back in the direction it came from. 

-Blake's POV-

Torchwick had managed to get away AGAIN. We still don't know what his plans are either. He needs to be stopped no matter what.

Ruby: "We need to get out of here before the police arrive." 

Blake: "Wait, what about (y/n)?"

Ruby+Weiss: "What?" 

Yang: "That's right, I saw him riding the mech when I was chasing it on the highway." 

Blake: "Come on!" I run in the direction I saw (Y/n) land when he got thrown off the highway. It didn't take us long, having found him five minutes later. He was slouched against a building, the flesh around his eye torn up, what looked like electrical burns all over his body, and his breathing was shallow and ragged.  I try lifting him up off the ground, but it's difficult being injured myself.

Yang: "How did he get these injuries? I mean... They're the exact same as that Alp-" 

Blake: "We can find out later Yang! For now just help me." She gets on the other side of him and with her help we are able to get him on his feet. 

Weiss: "He's going to have a lot of explaining to do when he recovers." We get him back to Beacon and to the medical wing, he has to be taken in for surgery due to internal bleeding from repeated heavy blows to his chest. 

Yang: "Blake, do you have any idea what's going on? You know him the best."  I shake my head.

Blake: " I have no idea, but I know (y/n) showing up and that Alpha being there aren't a coincidence." We head back to our dorm for the night. Agreeing to figure out what to do about (Y/n) and Torchwick in the morning.

First: The Beast pt. 1

Next: The Beast pt. 5
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