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Train Scene

Im not sure why I did this. I have a crap load of other stuff I need to get done. Oh well, count this as my vector of the Hearths Warming Eve that I never did (no the heart doesn't count).


The "My Little Pony", "Friendship is Magic" franchises belong to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
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c-can I make a base of this? *3*
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I like the part of the scene where Fluttershy goes woo-hoo.
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fluttershy's woohoo~! made my heart explode 9 times.

awesome work ^_^
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I am not saying you didn't create this vector. I am just wondering since this is so close to the original shot in the cartoon, what makes it allowed?
DemonPanther's avatar
Fluttershy's hair was made for that :3
Somepony's avatar
Wow. It's like the My Little Pony bedroom shitstorm all over again.

Thankfully it seems to have ended. :\
Ohmyani's avatar
I love this little scene ^_^
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This is sweet, though I do have to agree with some of the below comments; there is FAR too much 'My little pony' on DA at the moment...
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Yup more pony on the front page. Here comes the "This isn't art" people or the "Ew.Pony" people.

Nice job on the vectoring :)
Somepony's avatar
I mean, dont get me wrong, to each their own, but why would they help something become more popular even if they just come here to bitch about it?
Somepony's avatar
Haha, indeed. Don't they realize that by coming in here, it adds to the views, and then they comment, and it adds to the comments, making the this more "popular", therefore keeping it on the front page longer?

Thank you! :)
anname219's avatar
Yeah. Some people just don't understand.:iconpinkiepieshrugplz:
Somepony's avatar
Yeah, that's probably the best thing to do here. Just shrug it off heh. And holy crap I made the front page!
KuwabaraVSYusuke's avatar
"I'm so excited I could, WoooHoo!"
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wtf with those Deviantards again? it's like i felt in a fuck fest that turned into a derailed orgy. oh, nevermind.
having made a lot of vector screenshots in my life, this one, i can tell, is well made. you should make the one where Pinkie pops out of Rarity's Xmas tree hat |D
Ohmyani's avatar
Seconded! Haha
InfiniteWhiplash's avatar
What is everyone's weird obsession with "My Little Pony"? I don't really see the appeal in it.
Kellodrawsalot's avatar
I am not a huge fan of it either but truth to be told its kind of harmless the stories tend to focus on both female and male audience despite being very girly which is kind of an accomplishment because tv networks always claim guys and men would never like a cartoon with only female characters.

I don't get why people for so many years even now are so obsessed with Sonic. :lol:
InfiniteWhiplash's avatar
Eh, I guess I can see your point. I mean, I've only ever seen one episode of it, so I guess I really can't say too much about it.

And, yeah, I never understood the sonic obsession either. It is a video game or a TV show?
Kellodrawsalot's avatar
its a video game mostly but has a tv show a few comics a movie..all of them which are pretty bad. I Mean I dont get the hype about MLP either but its very harmless and not dreadful, or bad but Sonic has always been kind of dramaticly bad in its stories and even games.
demonsareoverrated's avatar
It's appealing to other people. Personally I like it because I think it has more personality than other "little girl shows" and has a better variety of characters. Plus for something that has a lot of tweening, it's nicely animated.

There are just these people, "bronies" if you will, who take it too far.
InfiniteWhiplash's avatar
Well, I've only ever watched like one episode of it, so I mean I guess I could try it again. You know, when my baby cousin decides to pay a visit.

I've never liked it when people took their likes a bit too far. I mean, I can understand that you like the show, I really can, but... well, I just can't put it into words.
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