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The Library

THIS TOOK SO LONG TO DO! And I still left out some things to make it easier on myself. The only shot that was wide enough for my purposes was a shot of the library in the afternoon, which meant I had to recolour to day time colours as well. Oh man this is probably the most complicated show trace I've done yet... yet I needed it for one of my (huge) projects.

So yeah, feel free to use it, just please, mention my name even a little? It took me a really long time to do this.

Also, if you're curious, this was the original screencap. As you can see, I left out the foreground mushrooms, and that background house with the rooster... directional thingo. [link]

The "My Little Pony", "Friendship is Magic" franchises belong to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
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Nice! Looks very much like the actual library!

God the memories of pre season 4 finale episodes.
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the rooster directional thingo is called a weathervane
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Seeing this now nearly brings tears to my eyes.
ImpTheArtist's avatar
Used this as reference at took a few parts to make this.
SymphonyOfDissonance's avatar
Twilight Sparkle's house :D
SecretAgentJonathon's avatar
The background still looks nice even though a few things were left out! To me, I think of them as minor details.
Oh, and I used the background here: [link]
Ressetkk's avatar
Used: [link] thank you very much ^^
RedBlupi's avatar
I used this in my animation: [link]
You're listed in the end credits.
Thanks a lot, you really saved my deadline-threatened hide!
Lolwutburger's avatar
Can I use this sometime? I'm gonna make a comic about Twilight's house being NUKED.
tamalesyatole's avatar
I used it here [link] for a small background effect. Credit is given in the description.
decoherence's avatar
You did a magnificent job on this! Thank you so much for sharing it! [link]
YourFavoriteSenpai's avatar
Hello somepony, I'll be using this vector for a mockup box art I'm doing. I'll link you when I'm done
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Rooster... directional thingos are also called weathervanes.
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Haha, THAT'S right! I could not for the life of me remember what they were called lol.

Well, the more you know! =P
It reminds me tp old games like "Day of the Tentacle" or "Sam & Max". Very nice!!
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Dang, dude. Dang. That's beyond sweet. :wow:

All of my props. Take them! Simply sensational. Bravo! We are not worthy! :worship:
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Yeah, THAT'S where I want to retire!
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Good old treehouse, just be careful on the beehive.
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
Amazing work, I don't even want to imagine how much time it took took to do this.
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Actually, not all that long when I think about it. It was about 6-7 hours of actual work (not to mention a further 3-4 hours of just staring at it), but thanks a bunch!
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