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SAY NO TO CORE! by someoneyoul0ve SAY NO TO CORE! by someoneyoul0ve

YES, you can use it if you like!

But I will leave the comments open for now. Be civil though, all of you! 

Why CORE membership feels too expensive!
The reason I am against CORE


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DaWildJohanna80 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Keep Calm and forget Core
imakestock Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
deviant arts network is 5.3 million they are no where near poor and the owner hes worth like 150 million and they make money off the spec work and all the contest they hold, plus the advertisements, do you really think they are not getting a cut? and the prizes are an insult, why would anyone design a poster for a major film and only pocked 3 grand and a core membership when you could be getting deviant arts cut which is probably 50-80 grand. The membership fees on DA are ridiculous  $50 you can get your own host and just create your own dam community. Plus DA isnt what it used to be the old site is much better, its not a community anymore people come here to steal others shit and then sell it. Look real close at he creative market you will find free items dressed up and sold in excess of $20-30 this is why im on here rarely. And after 4 years of being on deviant you think i would get more hits , nope deviant art rank goes to shit artist who deliberately mis-categorize stuff so when you have to look at 20 pages of fucking ugly photos of horses when you are searching for soap thats why. 
OrkyDorky Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
davis2002 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016
I need to use!!!!!!!!!!!
TheMagicalKookie Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
someoneyoul0ve Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
yeah, I used to be core.. but i havent (and wont update it) as you can see- my membership is now only gifts & prizes running out.. 
kira-adoptions Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
KATZENSAFT Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016
i remember when people without premiums were allowed to use stamps and ive been cool with it ever since ??? :( idk why people hate the core deviantart needs 2 make moneeey. should i raise my standards??
PeacefulTurmoil Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
OkashiSenpai Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015  Hobbyist
core membership is so expensive.  I'm starting to reconsider getting one .-.
StellarBurst Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
if 5 dollars a month is too much for someone then mayb they should get a job becuz thats cheap as fuck?
ViolinBlade Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The one month membership no longer exists you know?
StellarBurst Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015  Student Digital Artist
15 dollars for 3 months = 5 dollars a month 
ViolinBlade Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Noooo, you don't say??
I'm aware of that, thank you. But did you know that those 5 dollars are paid as 15? Even if you want to pay five each month you have to pay fifteen at once.
XxRadioactiveHeartxX Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
that's why you save your money...
SNlCKERS Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WhiteBoneDemon Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015   Traditional Artist
You know, it wouldn't be so bad if deviantart made being a premium member worth an extra $7 if they actually gave some extra features for people, but it is literally paying more for exactly the same. Deviantart is a fucking joke. :invisible:
Welcome-to-0z Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
how about no
i dont mind core lol
ViscountDevil Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015
Then why don't you have it?
BinxDiAngelo Featured By Owner May 26, 2017  Student General Artist
some just can't afford it
mrNOTuniverse Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015  Hobbyist
Whatever core isn't horrible it's literally the same thing as premium, and what's so disgusting about it being orange, premium had an uglier color in my opinion :v
liyaperfidious Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015
Can someone tell me what is the difference ??
Core? Not core? I don't know anymore????
ChocolateCake222 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
More Money and More Orange.
liyaperfidious Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015
v-rijheid Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2015
{ basically it's more money for less features }
Ask-Mary-Of-Ib Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Premium or "Core" advantages can be achieved without them. 
For example, if you have core, you can turn off ads, but you can do it with ADBLOCK for FREE.
And stash isn't used much anyway.
TwistedWytch Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
We may not be made of money but neither are the owners of DA. It takes money to establish and run a website. The licenses have to be paid for, the domain, business tax, the governments proceeds from all the profits, not to mention pay all the other workers that work for them, and all the living expenses in their own lives such as gas, water, electricity, mortgage. Add to that the possibility of personal payments such as medical bills. All that money has to come from somewhere and if an economy isn't doing to well the taxes will be raised for business to help pay for everything. So please take all that into consideration before lashing out at the admins for raising the price. They have to make a living as well yea know.

And and if they who run this business can't make ends meet deviantART may end up closing down. We don't want that do we? We must always look at the bigger picture here.
imakestock Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
@GrimNoxPrincess close down im sure someone else will be more than happy to step up to the plate and offer a better community you want $50 for doing absolutely nothing. whens the last time you regulated the people who mis-categorize stuff , and what about all the money you make from exploiting artist into spec work that you most def get a cut. Nevermind that Da has liteterally turned into a sex site, thats right you allow members to post erotic photos to men that link out to a sex web cam site so your basically a prostitute ring at this point, seriously i dont even know why i bother you dont care never did as long as you get that money right?
TwistedWytch Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
First of all I don't work for DA, never have. So before you go pointing your fingers
and yelling at somebody for doing a particular job please make sure they actually
work there first or otherwise you come off sounding like a raving lunatic. I would
love to know where all this so called money I am getting a cut from is I'll tell you
that much.

Second, DA does have restrictions on it's porn work and yes some does slip through
That doesn't make DA a sex site. You mite be surfing the underbelly of the site but I
am not and let me tell you there is a VAST community here that is still 15, or simply
not into doing sex pieces at all. Last time I checked to actually be labeled a "sex site"
that type of work had to not only take up like 85% of the actual content but it had to
be completely restricted from anybody under the age of 18. And since the site has yet
to be closed down for allowing underage people onto this "sex site" I think it's a safe bet 
to assume this isn't an actual sex site.

Thirdly, the fact of posting a link out to a different site isn't against any law, unless the
site it is linking to is illegal such as a child pornography website. DA's members posting links 
out may not be something you like but everyone has the right to so if they wish and
unfortunately there is nothing you can do about that. This goes for any website. If a member
posts a link out it is still up to the individuals to click on that link, which they do freely, and
enlist to partake in such actions. People using this site to hook up like that isn't what it's
meant for, but it is meant for communicating...and people will communicate that way. Don't 
berate the admins because they don't go around badgering people about links when posting
them because it's not against any rules to link out just because it's to a site you don't like.
KrisCynical Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
With 16+ million users of ad revenue, $30/yr paid subscribers, and profits from print sales deviantART should have more than enough revenue to run their servers and house their corporate offices, especially since they just laid off 50% of their staff. If they want more revenue they should add more sub-worthy features — like the plethora of options the community has been clamoring for for years — in order to entice more users to purchase a subscription. Jacking up the price to $50 and touting "features" that aren't even features isn't going to get them more revenue; it's going to do the opposite.

I recently let my subscription lapse after more than a decade of constant paid status just because the hiked price tag is utterly ridiculous even though I could easily afford it, and I'm far from the only former subscriber that's doing so. The vast majority sentiment I've heard from current subscribers is the same as mine: they're not going to renew.
imakestock Featured By Owner Edited Jul 18, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
KrisCynical they just dont give a shit please write me a list of what DA's want and see if we can get some people together and start are own art site.
HalfSaiyanHeart Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh goody, a You-Tube inspired argument thread! -grabs popcorn-
ViscountDevil Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2015
aquotic-boosters Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015  Student Digital Artist
that said, they fired 50% of their staff and raised the price of PM, and in addition, called it "core" membership, which kind of sends the message that "If you didn't part with your money to buy these almost-necessary features, you're not a true member of the dA community!"

the whole website is built around how much money a bunch of corporate greedy hackjobs can squeeze from budding artists nowadays. You pay to get advertised, and if you have enough money, you get shown all around the website. Y'know, rather than based off of how good an artist you actually are.

Even if you say that's the core principle of an advertisement, it's sending the vibe that dA wants to sell your art as their product, rather than show it off in an art gallery based on quality for free. 
imakestock Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Deviant art was sold to wix, probably the most shit company ever, make anyone think they can be a web designer empty pockets later realize that wix is shit whats the point of a website if no one can find you ... duhhh.... seo bots cant see flash idiots. I swear like my blood boils when clients ask me do you know about wix can you help me build a wix site .... walks away slowly i do not know you.... and this wix you speak of. 
TwistedWytch Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Honestly I don't understand how you view it that way. These are people that need to make ends meet just as bad as we do. The government is hard on successful online business nowadays. Do you know how much it cost to keep a business website running? And the more successful a site becomes the higher the taxes that are placed on it.
aquotic-boosters Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015  Student Digital Artist
i understand perfectly well that they need to make ends meet, and i was fully supportive of the old PM system. $30 for 12 months of interesting but purely optional features was really cool, and I would've been perfectly fine if they raised it by about $10. 

But now for anything better than bargain-basement use of the website costs nearly twice as much as it used to. Twice as much money for even less features. In addition, they've needed to actually fire 50% of their staff members. There's needing to make ends meet, and then there's deviantART, who make its customers pay for its own fuckups.

Most of this could've been avoided if the deviantART staff actually listened to its userbase and implemented features the community actually wanted, rather than just showing off a few new fancy badges and ultimately useless bullshit. By ignoring their customers, their once successful business started failing. To add insult to injury, it declared publically that 'real thieves steal real art', implying that art that wasn't done traditionally wasn't real art; a kick to the crotch to anybody who works, has worked, or will work in the digital art medium.

DeviantART fucked itself over, and is trying to get others to pay for its fuckups. 
TwistedWytch Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Well all those new features everyone wants cost money. The more you add to the website the higher the tax you have to pay. I'm sorry to say this but it all comes down to money. They are doing what they can offord. Its a big red flag when a company has to lay off a bunch of its workers. The fact that DA did that means only 1 thing. That they are not making enough money to keep the site running. So prices also have to go up. Its a sad factor. DA could very well dissapear if it doesn't get the funding it needs
aquotic-boosters Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Student Digital Artist
but instead of affording and putting money and resources into the things the community do want, they choose to actively alienate their audience and put its time and money into features the website doesn't want.

deviantART did this to themselves; they fucked up majorly, and then expected the customers (the audience they alienated) to pay for their mistakes. 

It won't be a fucking surprise if DeviantART disappears nor will it be mourned.
YeroSenpai Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015
Do you think I should save any art projects I am working on here before the site blows up lol
aquotic-boosters Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Student Digital Artist
probably a good idea.
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Miss-Pichu Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Using! I don't even mind the price, I just think the logo is awful and not aesthetically pleasing whatsoever. :c
someoneyoul0ve Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015  Student Digital Artist
There is a link to how you can remove it in this journal: The reason I am against CORE
Hidden by Owner
someoneyoul0ve Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Because you only post this to advertise for your group, I will hide it. 
GildaSoler852 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
P is for pathetic
a is for alohomora
t is for tweety tweety lil' bird
e is for ehhh nope
t is for truly amazing logo
i is for I don't care
c is for CORE ROCKS
ProfessorLenah Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Miha-Chi Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're so stupid and I wonder how you manage to get people to like you sad group. You're very rude and need to learn some manners tsk tsk
iBuNdLeS Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015
I'm not anti-core or anything, but are you trying to get others to join the pro-core side with this?
That does seem a bit un-called for, and that's the wrong way to go about it.
Why not just accept what they think? There are other people that are pro-core, even if there are 100 billion times the amount of those people, and the people that actually just don't care.
GenuineGhoul Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Y is for you
o is for how outrageously stupid your being
u is a letter that sounds like 'you' so you know i'm talking about you and not some bullshit tweety bird.

a is for 'a waste of money'
r is for 'I'm a rebel bitch, deal with it'
e is for 'ew'

a is for 'a ugly little star that will only live about 8.3 billion years'
n is for- 'non of your fucking business what we think, stfu'

I is for 'idiot' because. duh. that's what YOU and this CORE is.
d is for 'dead'
I is for 'Ironically, as stated before, an idiot'
o is for 'oh snap. going to cry more about it yet?'
t and t is for 'teach me something that isn't going to rot my brain'

It's the same shit.
that's all.
Just a different logo that's not even creative or cute, or cool, just a evil mass of orange-
and that nobody likes.
except for you! and you've been going to every core page complaining about this!
would you rather pay 30 bucks for a membership or fifty for the SAME membership?
It's not even the logo that bothers me, it's the price and how much money they are trying to get out of this now.

By the way, if you didn't understand my poetry yet, it says- 'You are an Idiot'
Like I stated three times before.
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