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Published: August 4, 2015
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YES, you can use it if you like!

But I will leave the comments open for now. Be civil though, all of you! 

Why CORE membership feels too expensive!
The reason I am against CORE


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DaWildJohanna80Hobbyist Artist
Keep Calm and forget Core
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imakestockProfessional Digital Artist
deviant arts network is 5.3 million they are no where near poor and the owner hes worth like 150 million and they make money off the spec work and all the contest they hold, plus the advertisements, do you really think they are not getting a cut? and the prizes are an insult, why would anyone design a poster for a major film and only pocked 3 grand and a core membership when you could be getting deviant arts cut which is probably 50-80 grand. The membership fees on DA are ridiculous  $50 you can get your own host and just create your own dam community. Plus DA isnt what it used to be the old site is much better, its not a community anymore people come here to steal others shit and then sell it. Look real close at he creative market you will find free items dressed up and sold in excess of $20-30 this is why im on here rarely. And after 4 years of being on deviant you think i would get more hits , nope deviant art rank goes to shit artist who deliberately mis-categorize stuff so when you have to look at 20 pages of fucking ugly photos of horses when you are searching for soap thats why. 
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cashlost2Hobbyist General Artist
Welp now I feel ashamed for having over 100 watchers
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OrkyDorkyHobbyist General Artist
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I need to use!!!!!!!!!!!
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TheMagicalKookieStudent Digital Artist
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someoneyoul0veStudent Digital Artist
yeah, I used to be core.. but i havent (and wont update it) as you can see- my membership is now only gifts & prizes running out.. 
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kira-adoptionsStudent Traditional Artist
i remember when people without premiums were allowed to use stamps and ive been cool with it ever since ??? :( idk why people hate the core deviantart needs 2 make moneeey. should i raise my standards??
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core membership is so expensive.  I'm starting to reconsider getting one .-.
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StellarBurstStudent Digital Artist
if 5 dollars a month is too much for someone then mayb they should get a job becuz thats cheap as fuck?
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ViolinBladeHobbyist Digital Artist
The one month membership no longer exists you know?
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StellarBurstStudent Digital Artist
15 dollars for 3 months = 5 dollars a month 
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ViolinBladeHobbyist Digital Artist
Noooo, you don't say??
I'm aware of that, thank you. But did you know that those 5 dollars are paid as 15? Even if you want to pay five each month you have to pay fifteen at once.
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XxRadioactiveHeartxXHobbyist General Artist
that's why you save your money...
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SNlCKERSHobbyist Digital Artist
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WhiteBoneDemon Traditional Artist
You know, it wouldn't be so bad if deviantart made being a premium member worth an extra $7 if they actually gave some extra features for people, but it is literally paying more for exactly the same. Deviantart is a fucking joke. :invisible:
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Welcome-to-0zHobbyist General Artist
how about no
i dont mind core lol
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Then why don't you have it?
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BinxDiAngeloStudent General Artist
some just can't afford it
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Whatever core isn't horrible it's literally the same thing as premium, and what's so disgusting about it being orange, premium had an uglier color in my opinion :v
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Can someone tell me what is the difference ??
Core? Not core? I don't know anymore????
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ChocolateCake222Hobbyist General Artist
More Money and More Orange.
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