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Jelsa lineart

Jack Frost from "Rise of the guardians" and Elsa from "Frozen" :) found out through my research for this drawing that as a couple they are called 'Jelse' :D i think the would be totally cute together <3 hehe please comment what you think, the colored version will come soon :D… <- original please favor this drawing :D it's really awesome
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Beautiful line art! 😍
RacingBelle's avatar  Colored again! Still one of my favorite couple linearts! :) 
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i'm so glad to hear that Hug it looks really great :happybounce: 
RacingBelle's avatar
:D Thank you so much! 
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looks great :happybounce: good job Hug 
someone-stupid's avatar
looks nice :) like the kinda dark colour theme ;) and thanks for the credit
RacingBelle's avatar
Thank you! And you're very welcome! :) 
CreepyBloodySpook's avatar
May I colour this? :iconpuppy-eyesplz:
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of cause :happybounce: just remember credits and please post the finished version here :D
Ceceliaa's avatar
I think I will try to colour this. Idk, if I will post it, depends if it turns out good or not.

It looks so amazing, btw! :heart:
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thank you :hug: i will look forward to see it :happybounce:
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awesome :happybounce: and thanks for the credit :hug:
SparksAndFlames's avatar
Can I color this in? I will credit it for you!  :)
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feel free to do so :) and yes please
the88cherryice's avatar
Dear, my friend is about to have birthday... Can I color it for her and make a wallpaper???
someone-stupid's avatar
ofc :) but if you post it then please credit :D and send a link ;) i would really like to see it
the88cherryice's avatar
Yes, I'll send you x33
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I don't know if you took any inspiration from there or if it's a coincidence but this picture really reminds me of this anime i recently finished.
Peach Girl:…
And even more so if you look at the original manga style of it:…

I'm not being hostile or anything like that so please dont think that XD
It just kind of hit me since I just finished the show today :P
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