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Tavros Shimeji

Okay, so it's been done. So what? ^^; Right? I can make an unoriginal Tavros Shimeji if I want ::::]
Sorry for any quirks. I don't have Fireworks...

Okay, I just found out how to create .zips so... For all of those who couldn't download this little bugger before, here you go~


Tavros(c) Hussie
Art(c) Me

EDIT: Here is a cleaned up version that :iconphantomofash: made. [link]
© 2011 - 2021 someone-no1-1230000
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catsins's avatar
it wont work ;A;

i have the latest java but it still comes up with an error message in Japanese

something about i need to update my java ;A;

someone help pleasee
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This might remove all of your shimej's..wait it will but you can redownload them. Alright uninstall or delete the shimeji folder thing. and then reinstall it. Thats what i did.
catsins's avatar
i got it to work now thanks though :3
someone-no1-1230000's avatar
It has been a long time since I have dealt with any of this. Try reading through some of the other comments and if that does not help, try searching your problem on google, you might find q&a's or faq's.
PrinceOfRage's avatar
Hello! I just wanted to let you know that your shimeji has been featured here: [link] If you decide to make any more in the future (and I hope you do) please let me know so I can add it to the list! Thank you so much for your amazing work ^_^
someone-no1-1230000's avatar
Oh, thank you, my friend!
BlueGirlRoseGirl's avatar
Nevermind, I got it to work using Zipeg, its super easy to use!
BlueGirlRoseGirl's avatar
I always get a program that is SUPPOSED to open up these but I can never get them too.
catacoons's avatar
it wont work for me. :(
DeathlyPassion's avatar
Do you have a program that can open .rar files?
If not, go find one, download it, then come back here and download the .rar file again. It should work after that.
catacoons's avatar
yea, i got it.
DeathlyPassion's avatar
You got it to work?
scriptPsychopath's avatar
Dude!!! He is so adorable!!!
XxAdorkable-ZebraxX's avatar
do you do custom shimeji's? if so can u plzzzz make me one of my fantroll? ^^;
Here is a link of what she looks like [link]
someone-no1-1230000's avatar
I uh... Usually don't but I don't see why not. I'll try and see what I can do.
jamzilla7's avatar
look at thoese sick fires.
asktavrosandgamzee10's avatar
will my cp work well after i download this?
Miss-Dew-Drop's avatar
Same thing as Lukybird28... what's going on? I want my Tavs. ;;
Lukybird28's avatar
ok its not working when i open the file, and run it, nothing happens :I
RaveMunch's avatar
hey, do you have to have an updated version of Java to make it work?
I extracted it but it wont run, it just says a bunch of stuff in another language and when I click yes is sends me to a Java page
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