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Trying out the Wacom Bamboo Stylus Solo with Art Set Pro on an iPad Mini.

The stylus feels surprisingly good when used on the glass of the iPad - it sits comfortably in your hand and has just the right amount of drag. The large rubber tip does lack absolute precision, however (it works more like a brush than a pen) and does not support pressure sensitivity; the upside is that it's compatible with any capacitive device (iPhones, Androids, ATMs, you name it - if your finger works on it, so does this stylus), and any app on that. The Wacom Creative Stylus - on the other hand - needs dedicated app support, but does offer pressure sensitivity at around 75 EUR, compared to 20 for the Bamboo. Which one you want will depend on your needs; if you plan to do precision linework, you'll want the Creative; if you want something less precise but more versatile, you can't go wrong with the Bamboo.

In terms of apps, Art Set Pro is not the most efficient, but definitely the most fun of all I've tried so far. It simulates traditional media down to a fault - there's no layers, canvas size is fixed to your device's native resolution, and you can't adjust brush size (the latter being really felt when you're using the fixed-size blenders). It also has some lag (on the Mini, at least) but I personally didn't feel inconvenienced by it. There are a number of alternative apps which resolve all these "issues" (Paper by 53, Procreate, Artrage, etc) but this one just has an undeniable charm to it.

Bottom line, though: will these allow you to throw away your Cintiq? No, but they can successfully replace your sketchbook. If you mainly do sketching this won't be saying much, but for painters, I feel that this offers a portable solution that really work.
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