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liminal introspect

By someone-else
an interlude between indeterminate lapses of nothing
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that was so cool! I love the voice over, nice and dramatic :)
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I tend to think of myself as a limit. Not quite without, not yet within. For just as the world outside eludes me, so does my interiority always outdistance my reach. I am late for the world, and much too early for myself.

I used to think that I had something within. Yet, within what, one might ask. A pocket of the world, pregnant with something beside it? This interiority of mine, this... interior... it is not of me. Though it may ache with a meaning I have forced upon it, though it may writhe within a crevice which I have carved just for it, still, mine, it is not. I am but the walls enclosing. Imposing a distance to whatever there might be without.

I... I have no dimension. I am just inbetween. Never quite anywhere, I feel as though I am encroaching on nothing. Encroaching on nothing... Gazing out from nowhere in particular, mine is but an act displaced. An act eventually misplaced, and misappropriated in an effort to reconstitute a point of origin. Though there is, of course, no point of origin. It is all quite pointless.
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very very cool, its definitely something strange but it goes with all other strange and wonderful things doesn't it?
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Observatia ta abila ca totul este la urma urmei in van m-a impresionat!
Foarte fain scurt metrajul!
Are profunzime prin faptul ca arata fatis zbuciumul constant la care suntem supusi.
Cel putin eu asa vad problema.
Felicitari din nou!
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Aw, that eyeball thing is cute! :aww: I love the animation, too, you can tell there was a lot of effort put into this! :D :+fav: Wonderful work!
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Wow. Just, wow.
That was amazing.
SeikyoJack's avatar
Simply beautiful, nice work, matey! ^^
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Interesting and amazing, but the most amazing of everything is that I didn't understand nothing xD

I'm not too good with conversation in english =D
But, if may I ask, what's point to be folowed?
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Oh, there is no point. It's all just... an observation.
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Umm so I understanded the utopia! xD
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I am amazed. I've watched this countless times and I can't get over how brilliantly done it is. I love it.
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i am..astonished..
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Very interesting. The monologue is great and I love the intro.
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Amazing! Who was that person?
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Deep indeed..... :rose:
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this is extremely clever.. profound indeed. i love the animation and how it is expressed. the music. the whole package is awesome. i love it..
hopelessromantic23's avatar
well that was...weird,but makes sense.
good job :thumbsup:
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Amazing atmosphere. The music, the voice and the animation is just perfect. Very, very good indeed.
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woah... creepy stuff~
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