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Potter_7_DH _Luna_Xeno_Barny

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows / Chapter 8 "The Wedding" / by J.K.Rowling

... "who held up her finger and said, "Daddy, look - one of the gnomes actually bit me!"
"How wonderful! Gnome saliva is enormously beneficial!" said Mr Lovegood, seizing Luna's outstreched finger and examining the bleeding puncture marks ...
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You draw the Lovegoods so, SO well! That giant sunflower is both beautiful and hilarious, and Mr. Lovegood's hat is just amazing, to say nothing of the embroidery around his lapels and cuffs... That's it. Watching.

I wanna be a StarKid Actress!
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Your Luna is so pretty......:O
elviella's avatar
Haha, I love the over-sized sunflower!=D

The handwriting is perfect!:love:
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I love your drawings, you really capture the moments you draw beautifully. :)
Rebeckaa's avatar
It is my pleasure :)
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Woww.. that is brilliant! Luna's sunflower and Xeno's hat are great!
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I like that words from the book are so nicely written ^^ I love also their shape.
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Great job with Luna, Xeno, and Harry/Barny! Gotta love the huge flower in her hair and Xeno's radish-like hat! :)
VivalaVida's avatar
Schöööön. Besonders Xeno. :clap:
somelatevisitor's avatar
danke ... ich wünschte, sein Schielen-nach-aussen wäre noch ein wenig besser zu sehen ...
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My favorite part is the lettering around the characters. The style is very whimsical. :) I also love that I can very much "see" Harry Potter in the Barney you created. Thanks for another great pic!
somelatevisitor's avatar
... yes, I can "see" (my) Harry in Barny, too ... and I'm quite pleased with that ...
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Sempre meravigliosi i tuoi disegni, sono affascinata dal tuo tratto...fa sognare!
Always wonderful your drawings are, I'm fascinated by your stretch makes me dream!
somelatevisitor's avatar
grazie per i complimenti e un nuovo :+fav:!
thanks for the compliments and another :+fav:!
LaNeraSignora's avatar
Piacere mio!
My pleasure!
joeyv7's avatar
wonderful, I love Luna's flower especially :giggle:
somelatevisitor's avatar
... a little reminder of the summer, now that it's cold and snowy ... thanks for :+fav:ing it!
joeyv7's avatar
you're most welcome :)
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Perfect job on Xenophilius! :D
somelatevisitor's avatar
yeah I'm quite satisfied with the way he came out ...
Meloy's avatar
like how I imagined him!
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