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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows / Chapter 33 "The Prince´s Tale" / by J.K.Rowling

... Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.
"After all this time?"
"Always," said Snape.
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I love that scene!
Cuileth's avatar
Aww.... I can't- I can't describe how sad and desperate this picture is, but on the other side immensively cute. Poor, poor Sev :tears:
Wirklich schoen! Ich finde auch, dass die Form um den Patronus fast wie eine weibliche Silhouette aussieht - Lily's Geist, soz. Absicht?
KirstyLouiseWilson's avatar
I Really like This Piece :D x
Uliczka's avatar
...I think it's Dumbledore's eyes that were meant to be full of tears. Just saying.
somelatevisitor's avatar
you can read it both ways in the original English book! I tend to think the tears refer to Snape...
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Wow!!1 I am Speechless...
foaly2001's avatar
very intense...people underestimate what you can do with just a pencil and paper. The slight trail of a tear on his face is heart wrenching :cling:
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Very evocative. Thanks for sharing this.
str4yk1tt3n's avatar
Beautiful...I can never read this scene without tearing up.
stark40763's avatar
Sigh, Unrequited Love...just another example of how tragic a character Snape really is.
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a m a z i n g . d r a w i n g
JACAC's avatar
w e l c o m e . a g a i n . a n d . k e e p . w o r k i n g
g o o d . w e e k e n d . :hug:
Vizen's avatar
Coucou you!
Guess what ????
You're featured in my journal again! :D
somelatevisitor's avatar
OMG thanks so much!!! :hug: ... I'm moved ... and you've chosen a drawing of mine which I like very very much myself! :heart:
Vizen's avatar
It's a very good one!
Arashi-no-Tori's avatar
Love your style. So simple yet expressive.
Neko-Chiaki4's avatar
Snape is the best..
Poor him..:(
:+fav: this..
Awesome work!!
escaflowne006's avatar
Wow beautiful his expression is amazing :+favlove:
somelatevisitor's avatar
thanks, thanks for all your :+fav:es, too, and for the watch!
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Thank you so much for drawing this! :happycry:
Gods, your Severus art rocks!
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